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Weekend Box Office (Aug 26-28). Hurricane Irene Takes Its Toll

Weekend Box Office (Aug 26-28). Hurricane Irene Takes Its Toll

As reported yesterday, Hurricane Irene, which turned out to be something of an underperformer as far as hurricanes go, still was a major factor in bringing down box office totals this weekend. Still Colombiana did well enough to come in at No.2 with $10.3 million. I’m guessimating that the film could have made another $2 – 4 million if it weren’t for Irene.

And The Help, as expected, was still was the No.1 box office draw this week. Not even hurricanes or floods could keep people from seeing a film about the good old happy times down South not-so-long ago.

1) The Help BV $14,333,000 Total: $96,630,000
2) Colombiana TriS $10,300,000
3) Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark FD $8,689,000
4) Rise of the Planet of the Apes Fox $8,650,000 Total:$148,456,000
5) Our Idiot Brother Wein.$6,588,000
6) Spy Kids: All the Time in the World W/Dim. $5,727,000 Total:$21,710,000
7) The Smurfs Sony $4,800,000 Total:$125,993,000
8) Conan the Barbarian LGF $3,100,000 Total:$16,576,000
9) Fright Night BV $3,029,000 Total:$14,207,000
10) Crazy, Stupid, Love.WB $2,905,000 Total:$69,529,000
11) 30 Minutes or Less Sony $2,600,000 Total:$31,702,000
12) Final Destination 5 WB (NL) $2,465,000 Total:$37,825,000

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@ IJ Clinton –

That’s the spirit! All Hollywood cares about is their the bottom line.

Dang, you have inspired me – I have friends from out of town in this week, and I need to find out if my friends have seen it . . . . . .If my girls are down, I’m gonna go on Saturday night, this coming weekend – that’s five of us, so that’s five more tickets.

What the hell, I’ll see it again! It was a fun flick, and I want to support movies like this.

There might not be a positive film with a black woman in the lead for a little while, so l’ll enjoy this while I can.


Am I the only one who thinks this isn’t a bad result for Colombiana?

Of course I feel it should have been Number 1 at the box office, but with the hurricane, and predictions about The Help. . . . opening at number #2 is not so bad. It’s actually not bad at all. Most websites seem to think that horror film or ‘ the idiot brother’ would easily beat Colombiana – NOT.

And as some pointed out, a lot of people have not had a chance to come out and see it – movie theatres were closed all along the east coast.

I saw Colombiana and had a blast – I hate to keep bringing up X-Men movie, but it’s the last movie I saw that has the same ‘Hollywood action’ feel. It was TERRIBLE and INSULTING ( Spoiler: Poor zoe has barely any lines, black man gets killed 5 mintues after being introduced into the film), yet the critics praised it to the moon.

I would recommend Colombiana to anyone over that movie and certainly over ‘Salt’. The audience was cheering and clapping during the film (esp. when Zoe took her clothes off, but the point is they were cheering and clapping. ☺)

I would tell anyone – don’t pay attention to the critics on this one, go and check it out for yourself. I left satisfied that it was money was well spent, and it’s not just because I’m a black woman – we were there with another couple, both white, and they were cheering too.

The theatre was full but mostly latinos and young white males, not so many black people – which is fine, as long as it does well – but perhaps more black folks will come out and support next weekend.

I’m sorry to hear that there are some black men (or is it black women?) so caught up in the fact that there’s an IR relationship in the film that they would boycott this movie and support mammies in ‘The Help’ instead.

If this was Indris Elba co-starring with a white actress, I would go see it in a SECOND, and that is the truth.

It’s a shame that there are so many black men feel differently, but I guess it’s good to know?

I believe that there are black men who do not have those sort of hang ups who will come out and support this film very soon.

Go see it! I had fun!

IJ Clinton

Thanks for the report. I did my part to help Colombiana’s box office gross. I’m in New York City, on Friday I had to work until almost midnight, and couldn’t get to a theater during the weekend because of the Irene lockdown. But I still bought a ticket over the phone via Fandango for the last Sunday night showing in a city out of Irene’s path where theaters were open.

Just had to support Saldana’s first movie in wide release as the top-billed star. The power brokers in Hollywood look as demographics to decide who’s marketable, so I wanted to do what I could to help what looks, to me, like a well-made film from the trailer starring a Latino/black woman pull in some money at the box office. Plus I’ve been an admirer of hers since Drumline almost nine years ago. I’ve enjoyed her performances — always standouts whether lead or supporting — in indie films such as Haven, Constellation, Premium, Blackout and The Skeptic as well as the bigger budget movies Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Guess Who, Star Trek, Avatar, Death at a Funeral and The Losers.

I’m only one person who bought one ticket, but hey, if masses of individuals come through with the loot, that’s how we make a difference. Now that Irene’s over I’m going to actually see Colombiana in NYC tomorrow (Tuesday), and I can’t wait!

Peace & Love y’all


Hey Serge, I used past tense. Angelina looks like she’s on meth right now.

James Madison

True indeed. Irene transformed Brooklyn into a ghost town. I will be seeing Colombiana before the week is over.


Yeah except that Jolie definitely doesn’t have “womanly curves” anymore. Did you see her in Wanted or Salt? She’s practically anorexic. She weighs about 80 pounds now


Sergio, I think she’s too skinny. Pam Grier was “stacked” for lack of a better word. I don’t know that it’s a fact that black men don’t like Zoe, but if it is maybe she doesn’t attract as much immediate attention like Pam Grier and Angelina Jolie did because of their “womanly” curves and whatnot.


Did anyone expect this movie to make something like $20 million opening weekend? Especially with the hurricane?

I knew Colombiana was not going to do amazing numbers because the buzz just wasn’t there and that’s for various reasons. The Help is pretty controversial so, I’m not surprised that many people are checking it out for themselves.

But that doesn’t make it a failure. It still did better than all the other new releases.


“…hateful Black men who can’t stand the idea of Black women doing anything”

But wait I don’t understand. Why then do black men LOVE Pam Grier but they don’t like Zoe? Too skinny or is there something else going here I don’t see?

Betty Chambers

When was the last time two movies with black women in starring roles, held the number 1 and number 2 spots at the box office? It has to be forever or decades ago.

This performance should take away any of the excuses Hollywood has for not having more films with black women. These flicks made money even during a hurricane! And they showed they can draw a mainstream audience with a variety of genres.

I think the results are fabulous for black actresses, although I wont hold my breath expecting better of Hollywood where they are concerned.


Not sure hateful – but Colombiana follow a long trend from Dorothy dandridge to Hallie Berry – Once the black female become some what a star, they then have the cross over white leading man ( most cases very Unknown ) Maybe they H.W. should kill that ideal – And try a black leading man – maybe it would bump up the nimbers.

So Done...

Very sad…so to all the racist whites, sheepish Black women – and hateful Black men who can’t stand the idea of Black women doing anything – who decided to go support “The Help” wholeheartedly but not go to see “Colombiana”, you can expect many more movies where the only people Black women get to we play are a bunch of mammies and maids to spoiled and stupid white women. Thanks a lot for continuing to ruin us..

Questions & Answers?!?!!!

Okay so…What about the contest winners?


@Darkan – Sad isn’t it? And Black folks wonder why we continue to be portrayed on screen in the same one dimensional and stereotypical ways time and time again. It’s because WE support it.

Maybe next year, we’ll have even more Black actors getting roles as servants!


The success of “The Help” shows how the American audience sees black actors and proves the only type of films they will support in regards to black people. The part that gets me is how much word of mouth is traveling around the black community to support it but not the many films in the past that actually needed support then. Sad country we live in. SMH.


At least Columbiana beat out Our Idiot Brother. Lesson: sexy black gun slingers are preferred over stupid white guys. Nice job.


The Help word of mouth is really outstanding. Should pass 100 million by Thursday and have 15 million 4 day weekend next weekend.

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