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Will Anne Hathaway Lend Her Pipes To ‘Les Miserables’ As Fantine?

Will Anne Hathaway Lend Her Pipes To 'Les Miserables' As Fantine?

Updated: Entertainment Weekly confirms that Hathaway is at least considering the role.

Last week, comic fans got a dose of bad news as it was reported that “The Wolverine” was once again going to be pushed back — from November 2011 to March 2012 — so Hugh Jackman could sing in Tom Hooper‘s forthcoming “Les Miserables.” Jackman and Russell Crowe are expected to take the parts of Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert respectively, with all kinds of other names being mentioned for parts inlcuding Hayden Panettiere, Miranda Cosgrove, Lucy Hale and Emma Watson in contention for Eponine and Cosette and Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter reportedly lining up to play the Thenardiers. Also recently mentioned has been Amy Adams and Rebecca Hall for the role of Fantine. Well, you can add one more contender to the part.

According to the folks over at Broadway World, at Jackman’s encouragement, Anne Hathaway is “now set to take on the role” of Fantine in the film.

Hathaway is a big name and she can sing, the two main requirements for the part. She’s even got a Judy Garland biopic in the works with The Weinstein Company, so she could easily fit into the film. Of course, whether she ultimately lands the part we’ll have to see how all this casting eventually plays out. The project thus far has been stamped with more casting rumors than confirmations — at one point Paul Bettany and opera tenor Alfie Boe were rumored for Javert and Valjean, respectively, but it seems the film is determined to go A-list with big roles.

There’s still time to sort this all out, but production is likely to begin at year’s end or at the start of 2012. With Oscars now under his belt for “The King’s Speech,” director Tom Hooper will likely have his pick of the crop of talent to topline his film and it’s only a matter of time before speculation will turn to confirmation.

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Les Miz

Lea Salonga deserves a role in this movie. Also, I think that they should cast an unknown in the role of young Cosette. Jackie Evancho doesn't have the right voice or looks for the role of young Cosette.


I have not come across discussion on who might play Young Cosette. The musical play has two songs for Young Cosette; I am not sure what Tom Hooper plans for the movie. I might suggest a non-actor (currently): Jackie Evancho. She most certainly has the voice, and would (I think) draw an extra element of the public to the movie. Something tells me she’d do fine with the acting; I’m seeing a Judy Garland in this little girl.

Lynn B

Hooper attended at least one performance of ‘Les Miz’ where he saw and heard Alfie sing. He also talked to him and, I believe, had him audtion. He didn’t think he’d be right for the film and didn’t give him the part. That’s the way it goes.


And another Alfie Boe fan in three…two…one…seriously guys, get real. I am from Europe and I have NEVER heard about him before this. I love musicals but you can´t cast an unexperienced and unknown actor into a MOVIE that is supposed to be successful – musicals are a hard sell even with big names in them. Movie acting is completely different from theater acting and Hugh Jackman can do BOTH. How many actors can do musical on Broadway and on West End and still be a movie star and an action hero?He has the voice, the star power and he is a perfect casting. I don´t take from you that you are a fan of Alfie Boe but for Christ sake…get real, people.


Anne Hathaway, HATDEN PANETTIERE???!!!

Oh God NO!!!!


Connor Macgregor , what other A-list movie star can even come close to Anne Hathaway’s wonderful singing chops ? I can’t think of anyone else- not Amy Adams, not Renee Zelwegger, not Catherine Zeta Jones, not Meryl Streep, not Cher, not even Bette Midler.

ojie imoloame

Has Tom Hooper heard Alfie Sing before? I suggest he enters his name into youtube and hears what an exceptionally wonderful voice he has!!!!! Tom Hooper if by any slim chance you are reading this please please cast Alfie Boe in this role. He has played it many a time. So, your job would be quite easy!!!!!!!! Plus what of lea michelle for the role of Eponine??? She can definetly hold the pipes!!!!!!

Please PLease Tom, Les Miserables is such a beautiful musical, please dont let hollywood ruin it with bug names who cant hold the notes!!!

Connor Macgregor

I’d rather have anyone but Anne Hathaway in this.


I’d rather see Paul Bettany as Javert than Russell Crowe. Given that Bettany was Hooper’s first choice for The King’s Speech, I was really hoping he’d give him a chance at this, especially considering Bettany has already auditioned for it. Only time will tell I guess.

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