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Will Katherine Heigl & Gerard Butler Reteam To Remake ‘Romancing The Stone’?

Will Katherine Heigl & Gerard Butler Reteam To Remake 'Romancing The Stone'?

Well, a “Romancing the Stone” remake has been an idea kicking around Hollywood for a while now and the last we heard about it, Robert Luketic, the man behind a string of abominations including “Monster-in-Law,” “The Ugly Truth” and “Killers,” was going to sit in the director’s chair. That was nearly two years ago, and it seems Fox are now looking for some fresh blood and probably someone whose best film isn’t “Legally Blonde.”

While that search continues, Moviehole reports that Luketic’s muse Katherine Heigl is in contention for the lead with names like Taylor Kitsch and Gerard Butler being tossed around as potential male leads. Of course, this is all tremendously early, possibly none of these names will make it through, and whoever does end up directing will probably have their own vision for the project, but it should give you an idea of the direction Fox is looking to take this thing in.

Of the two male leads, Kitsch seems like a longshot, a name that is yet to be proven on the big screen and will be tested by the forthcoming “John Carter” and “Battleship” — two big, expensive projects that aren’t quite building the buzz they should be at this point. As for Butler, he makes a bit more sense, having already paired up with Heigl for the godawful “The Ugly Truth,” which brought in a ridiculous $200 million worldwide. Fox wouldn’t mind having a taste of that success.

This is all just speculation at this point, but is nonetheless interesting. As for the idea of remaking “Romancing the Stone”? It doesn’t particularly bother us, to be honest. It’s a former cable staple that hasn’t really aged all that well and could certainly be redone with a more contemporary vibe. And speaking of vibe, at least a new Butler/Heigl reteam can’t stoop any lower than the dinner scene in ‘Ugly Truth,’ can it?

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Butler and Heigl would be great!!!!! I hate film snobs ..and that person who mentioned big-nosed child Shia..ugh. lYou need a man…like Michael Doulglas and Gerard Butler…Gerard even looks a little like Michael…Gerard brings in the ladies,, and they had great chemistry in “The Ugly Truth”…it earned over $210 million ….And..Butler is the “billion dollar man”, since he’s one of the few actors whose movies have grossed more than a billion! Bring my Gerard to the screen..and Heigl, too!


A: I hope not.


Romancing the Stone is PERFECT the way it is!!!! What’s up with always remaking old movies and tv shows? Get some fresh ideas Hollywood!

Shai LeBouf and Mischa Barton?? And, are you serious???


I have a hard time respecting Katherine Heigl because of her role choices. She complains about Judd Apatow and then goes on to choose nothing but crap. No good choices at all. I’m sure she’s a fine individual and she’s definitely capable of good acting, but she doesnt seem anxious to prove her skills.

Dannii Vohringer

It’s ripe for a remake.

Shia LaBeouf, Penn Badgley or Chace Crawford as Jack T. Colton

Mischa Barton, Sophia Bush, Kat Dennings, Blake Lively or Leighton Meester as Joan Wilder

Ricky Gervais, Simon Pegg, Eddie Izzard or Jack Black as Ralph

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