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Women in Hollywood: Best Body Mirren on Being Proactive, Imperfect; Fonda talks Prime Time Love, Sex

Women in Hollywood: Best Body Mirren on Being Proactive, Imperfect; Fonda talks Prime Time Love, Sex

Thompson on Hollywood

Helen Mirren recently won a L.A. Fitness “Best Body” poll. Was she aware, asks Vulture? “I couldn’t very well avoid it, could I?” she says. She beat out the likes of Jennifer Lopez, and thinks it’s a beautiful thing: “I think it was recognition of the fact that you don’t have to be perfect.” Mirren’s youthful attitude can’t hurt. She steers clear of cliched older woman characters, preferring “any role that’s proactive.” That means action roles, as with The Debt and RED. “You get to do stuff. I hate sitting in a corner — I’d much prefer an action role in a popcorn movie rather than pining in a corner not doing anything.” And here’s 20 male roles Mirren could have rocked. There’s a remake or two in that list worth pursuing.

The Telegraph profiles Jane Fonda talking about her upcoming book, Prime Time, in which the actress lays out how “Love, Health, Sex, Fitness and Spirit” are the way to happiness. Fonda clarifies that in her relationships with men she’s no longer looking to be validated, that she’s fallen in love “five or six” times, and that she did tons of research for her book because she wanted to know, “am I the only person who is 73 and feeling better than she did when she was 23? Am I unique? And if I’m not how come no one is talking about it?” Telegraph’s Nigel Farndale determines that Fonda, always wanting to be the best at something, has now:

“set herself the task of being the best at being seventy something – looking better than everyone else, feeling fitter, being happier and more in love. And she seems to think these are all things that have to be worked at. Work, work, work. Not play, play, play. Meet the challenge of old age. Feel the burn. It must be exhausting being her.”

You can watch her chatting up Jay Leno (wearing “an endangered species”) below:

[Mirren photo courtesy of New York Magazine]

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Fonda is just trying to “hang on” to something (maybe her youth??) and is convincing herself she is happy. She’s done this sort of thing time and again. So now, this is her new hobby. I like her, but we have to take some of what she says with a grain of salt. She seems very intelligent, but – contrary to this interview – not very confident. Plus, she’s breathing heavily in the clip. I don’t know if I missed something regarding why she’s having difficulty getting enough air, but…


I concurr with The Telegraph critic– Fonda is surely exhausted, but is exhausting, and not really thinking for herself. The most recent photos of her in a couture dress with much revealed doesn’t really set a new standard for 70-somethings–must everyone always be so sexy at any age? And skinny? Cmon Jane, you once stood for something– politics, the anti-war movement (ok, and whatever else was the flavor of the day): of course, everyone should have and believe in love, but don’t now stand up for what’s really empty in our culture, by simply mouthing platitudes that are (er) better said by lifestyle magazines.

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