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Zoe Saldana Is Half-Human, Half-Angel In Supernatural Thriller ‘Dominion’

Zoe Saldana Is Half-Human, Half-Angel In Supernatural Thriller 'Dominion'

We’ll say this about Zoe Saldana — she is just not getting the kinds of pictures she deserves. She’s the rare breed of actress who can more than handle her own in genre fare and she’s been underserved for the most part, with thankless roles in “The Losers,” “Takers” and this weekend’s “Colombiana.” But she continues to push forward, but man, we wish we could be more excited about this project.

Saldana will put on her producer hat and star in “Dominion,” a supernatural thriller which centers on a woman who is half-human, half-angel. Sigh. Dean McCreary and Chester Hastings came up with the pitch and the only writing credits to their name thus far are the similarly themed “You’re My Angel” and a short film called “Fanboys” starring Sam Raimi and J.K. Simmons as themselves and centering on a video store employee who is a huge Raimi fan. Can we see that please?

No word on when this will roll but it’s still a long way off since it needs a script. “Star Trek 2” is likely next for Saldana, and after that she’ll probably have time to squeeze in one or two more films before she dives back into the 3D world of “Avatar” with the first sequel due in 2014. [THR]

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She does nothing for me. I don’t think she is talent-less at all, but I always feel the same about her performance. That feeling being ‘meh’. She has never been memorable. just kind of ‘there’. I find her work safe and predictable

The Truth

Give me a break. That fact that anybody cares about her is beyond me. Yes, she is a talented black actress, but she is not a STAR. She does not have that intangible thing that you can’t put your finger on…the “IT” factor. Personality blah, and zero on sex appeal. Truthfully, I feel like if I met her she would be a c**t. There is something sexy about b*tches…but not c***s.

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