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12 Minutes and 20 Seconds With Madonna

12 Minutes and 20 Seconds With Madonna

Yesterday, in what had to have been one of the most surreal professional experience I’ve ever had, I got to interview Madonna. To be honest, I barely even remember the 12 minutes and 20 seconds I was sitting beside her in a hotel room. From the second she introduced herself, it was all a nervous blur. I just kept wanting to say, DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!? But somehow I managed to make it through the interview without resorting to sadly truthful proclamations (“Like a Prayer” was my coming out song! I wore down three “Immaculate Collection” CDs and had to keep getting new ones!) and now I can cross that off the shallow end of my bucket list. Full interview up on indieWIRE shortly, but the full audio is now online below.

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Insightful interview!! I loved hearing her talk about dressing up the actors, her comparison of work in film vs music, and the "transcontinental accent".. What fun!!


I loved how fast you went thru’ your questions – charmingly so – and she gave you good answers. She obviously liked your questions. Great work, Mr Knegt!


Best interview I’ve heard in ages! Bravo!


You handled yourself just fine! Who wouldn’t be nervous sitting across from that supernova?? You asked great questions about the FILM and I’m sure she appreciated it. You got your moment with the Queen…LUCKY YOU!!


Great job! It’s understandable you were nervous, but I loved the questions you asked and she seemed like a good sport. She seemed really easy-going. I hope you get another opportunity to interview her again!


she sounds like she enjoyed talking to you – kudos you!


GREAT job.


I loved dressing everyone… I don’t know how many men would be interested in that part.

< >
Some, but not all.

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A small group.

A small *fabulous* group.

OK last question.

Chloe Canacalon

Great interview. Madonna was really open and easy here. Bet she saw how nervous you were.

James T

You did fine. We’re about the same age and I think I can relate to what you were probably feeling. I felt weird even listening to the conversation! I mean, a gay boy just like me is asking questions to Madonna and she’s answering? Are we allowed to do that? Surreal, indeed!

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