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13th Tyler Perry/Lionsgate Film “The Marriage Counselor” In Production Next Month!

13th Tyler Perry/Lionsgate Film "The Marriage Counselor" In Production Next Month!

According to an exclusive Variety report, Tyler Perry will begin production on The Marriage Counselor next month. However, no word has been released yet on the casting, although, we should find out soon enough. The film will be based on Perry’s 10th stage play.

The story revolves around a married couple, “an accountant and his wife, an Ivy League-educated marriage counselor who gives marital advice but finds it difficult to address issues with her own marriage.”

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news flash TP is going nowhere he is here to stay get to terms with it even if there are other Black Producers TP films will always be supported never mind if you don’t want to be one of them his game will always remain up……. i am a big TP fan great JOB Mr TP keep it up…


Yes this does sound like Why did I get married? 5 (cuz we must of missed 3 & 4, that brutha is quick)

But he is doing HIS thang, HIS way. Laverne is right. Save your typing criticism for your own screenplays. Create and/or Support others. Otherwise, shuuut it up.


I wanna know who’s starring in this future NAACP Image award-winning masterpiece?? Who is so desperate for a role?? Anyone know?

Adam Scott Thompson

The Coon is strong with this one.

Laverne Most

This man has worked hard for his success. Instead of hating on him, you should be out doing something positive.


Just came from The Hollywood Reporter website and they’re reporting that Lionsgate is going into production on this project with a release date expected of Oct 25….Now you know it’s not Oct 25, 2012. —-LMBAO

TP has officially highjacked the film industry. He’s not even trying to hide it. His cut n’ paste, fastfood, mass-production approach to basic filmmaking is scandalous and hilarious.


clicked to soon—anyway re: Tyler’s movies as an obsession with successful career women: didn’t he say he was abused as a child? Maybe his mother wasn’t around to protect him because she had to work, and centering movies around these miserable shrews and making them look bad is his way of retaliating. Every artist uses their past to somehow influence their work– Hitchcock had psychotic issues with women, but he was Hitchcock. I’m STILL not getting the Tyler phenomenon.


Don’t hold nothing back now, urbanauteur!


This Miserable Piece of Pig Fat writes on wet toilet paper, with this regurtitated soap opera trash, Beale street here i come.

L.A. Proper

Tyler Perry will be forced to step his game up if we start supporting work by other black filmmakers. On that note, I offer up “L.A. Proper”, the debut film from writer/director Barry Canty.

“L.A. Proper” is the winner of the Heineken Red Star Filmmaker Award, was featured in Variety and on IFC Network. You can see the full movie at the Youtube link below:


This sounds like one of the storylines on Why Did I Get Married re: Janet Jackson’s character. I think I may have seen 3 out of the 13 films and don’t really care to see any more of them.


Go away Tyler. In the words of my momma “You need to go somewhere and sit down.” He’s rehashing the same stories. Blah.

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