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ABC Family Cancels Raven Symone’s “State Of Georgia”

ABC Family Cancels Raven Symone's "State Of Georgia"

How did this past by us? Oh well you can’t be everywhere all the time, but last Friday ABC Family announced it that was cancelling Raven Symone’s new series State of Georgia, which ran this past summer, due to poor ratings. According to the sources the show, about a struggling actress with a huge ego who moves to New York to jump start her career, drew less then half of the viewers than her previous hit for the network That’s So Raven.

According to reviews for the show, Raven displayed the same sort of over-the-top mugging that she did in her earlier show which was most likely a big part of the problem. That sort of stuff is fine for a kid’s show, but now she’s older (she’s 26), a hell of a lot more slimmer, more mature and her audience has grown up with her. She’s obviously trying to find her place and falling back on the kids stuff isn’t going to cut it.

Perhaps she ought to tackle more serious dramatic roles like for example, say, a dramatic guest spot on Law and Order:SVU or NCIS. Shake things up. Show everyone you’ve grown up.

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there was nothing wrong with Raven’s acting, the show was stale and boring, I would think that is the writers and producer’s fault not the actors.


I really liked State of Georgia. I think Gigi hit it on the head. The show needed tweaking but besides that, they gave it no chance to make. The marketing was piss poor and basically non existing.
I like Loretta’s character and the show beat the depressive Basketball Wives anyday for me.

ABC Family has cut another one, 1st Lincoln Heights now this. I’m still hurt over loosing Lincoln Heights.


Liked that the show had a neo-Laverne and Shirley vibe.

However, Raven overacted and Disney-fied the tone, which doesn’t mix with the teen slut/glam scooby-doo mystery tone of the majority of the network’s programming. Also, Loretta Devine did the best she could with that ridiculous black Blanche from Golden Girls character, which just didn’t work.


Loretta is actually a damned good actress when she has a role that allows for it. See Down in the Delta for a different take or Funny Valentines. I feel like she brings something special to all of her roles, even if the character is not a challenging one. She’s just typecast.

I actually liked Raven’s show and I found Aunt Honey a great change for Loretta, the character was funny. Honestly all the show needed was tweaking and as others have mentioned…better marketing! Sigh, another one bites the dust.


LOL!!! Yes, “tolerable”. Her character was so over-the-top that it actually fit her acting skills…. :-p

Adam Scott Thompson

LMBAO @ Sergio!


Hey Sergio,

I am one of Loretta Devine’s fans. I know she’s over the top with some of the roles she’s been given, but it really depends on the role. It doesn’t take away from the fact that’s she’s a remarkable actress.

There’s a reason why she won that Emmy:

Don’t deny this woman her due.

Geneva Girl

The problem is that the show didn’t know what it wanted to be. I watched the first episode with my nine-year old who, of course, is a big Raven fan. Some of the jokes were not appropriate for kids and it was a bit juvenile for adults. That problem could have been fixed with better writing. That and with better marketing so we actually knew what time it came on would have helped a lot.

I’m in agreement with that Raven needs to get some dramatic roles to change her image. She made a TV movie a while back about town in the south that had a black and white prom. She was actually good in it.

And, yes, I thought that Loretta Devine was funny. It was a perfect, over-the-top role for her.


“Actually Loretta Devine was tolerable…”



LOL @ Sergio. Actually Loretta Devine was tolerable and pretty funny as Aunt Honey. Would’ve loved to see that character develop more.

I was actually a fan of State of Georgia. I found it to be funny, and I really liked how they focused not just on Raven’s character, but Majandra Delfino’s character as well. I’m a fan of hers from Roswell so I was really pushing for this show to work out….

…Mad that Melissa & Joey is getting a third season but this doesn’t even get a second….



“Where was the attempt to market to fans of Loretta Devine…”



Scratch another black actress w/o any ad support despite her previous ability to put butts in seats. Asides from S&A and Jet, I wouldn’t have known she had a new show. And even then, I didn’t realize it was already on the air and cancelled until I stopped by What About Our Daughters’ blog.

One terrible thought I had is what if she’s offered a part in Single Ladies….

Gigi Young

The show was actually very funny. Yes, there were shades of That’s So Raven, but it was more Big Bang Theory than Disney fun, which is why I think it struggled for an audience. Plus, ABC Family didn’t even work on it–once they realized the ratings weren’t all that, they just threw all of the episodes out there at once, left what viewers it had in limbo, and then abruptly announced its cancellation. Where were Raven’s magazine covers to celebrate her return to TV? Where was the attempt to market to fans of Loretta Devine and Majandra Delfino? IMO, there was little to go decent marketing for the show, and the TSR-esque mugging made people assume it was another kiddie show.


Marginalize, or cancel due to poor ratings?


Yet again the conspiracy to marginalize minority actors onto BET and TBS are proven true.


Too bad for her, but at least I got to see new pictures of her flat stomach when I read about this news. She’s looking great! Hope she gets another show, and I hope they advertise it so i can at lest see it before it croaks.


She’s just at that awkward period – older with lingering kiddy tendencies but no desire to be pushed into Lisa Raye World. And you know some black folks somewhere REALLY want her to go that route now… except my diehard Raven loving nieces.

I mentioned in chat that maybe she would be a better match than Jordin Sparks with her Cheetah Girls experience. Sparkle is screwed up anyway, I doubt Raven could make it any worse. Otherwise, she should try another sitcom and tone herself down a bit. Somehow I don’t think she’s capable of doing drama.

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