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‘Abduction’ Soundtrack Can’t Steal A Good Song, Features Lenny Kravitz, Train & More

'Abduction' Soundtrack Can't Steal A Good Song, Features Lenny Kravitz, Train & More

Music supervision is a tricky business. It’s a careful balance of working with a filmmaker in choosing songs that will be effective their movie, while in many cases, also ensuring it will be something that will appeal to the intended audience. It’s a strange sort of curation but when it works well, everyone is happy. Say what you will about the “Twilight” soundtracks but they have been a savvy blend of tunes that courted both Twihards and those would couldn’t care less about the franchise. All of which brings us to “Abduction,” Taylor Lautner‘s first stab at a leading-man action role, and the music chosen for the movie is a pretty bizarre mix, to the say the least.

It’s probably safe to say that “Abduction” is being aimed at fans who came of age with Jacob in the “Twilight” series so we’re not quite sure why Mom-approved, FM staple Train and fashion rocker Lenny Kravitz are on the soundtrack — we can’t imagine anyone under 30 listening to those guys in earnest. As for the rest? Well, there is an attempt at Pitchfork-esque relevancy by tossing in Norwegian popstar Oh Land; Blaqk Audio, the electronic side project of AFI (ugh) is also featured; and random bands who probably won’t be so “relevant” a year from now like Black Stone Cherry and Cobra Starship. The whole thing feels like a record label sampler where only one of the bands ever manages a career that lasts more than one album.

Anyway, you can check out the tracklist below and judge for yourself. It hits stores on September 20th, and the film follows a few days later, in theaters on September 23rd. [Film Music Reporter]

“Abduction” Soundtrack Tracklist

1. To Be Loved – Train
2. Come On Get It – Lenny Kravitz
3. Heart Attack – Raphael Saadiq
4. Twist My Memory – Oh Land
5. Under My Skin – Hot Bodies In Motion
6. Blame It On The Boom Boom – Black Stone Cherry
7. The Witness – Blaqk Audio
8. #1 Nite – Cobra Starship
9. Good Girl- Alexis Jordan
10. Novocaine Lips – Matthew Koma
11. DJ Love Song – Superstar Shyra
12. The Chorus – Donora
13. Loving You Tonight – Andrew Allen
14. Abduction Suite – Edward Shearmur

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black stone cherry rock! they are a great group of guys who have already released several cd’s and are touring all over the usa and europe. you the author are the one who is biased and judgemental. you don’t know good music at all!!


So AFI’s most popular albums, Sing the Sorrow and Decemberunderground were ripping off the Misfits? Color me surprised, as I never saw a Misfits album debut at number one on the Billboard charts.

..and I think you mean, “Ripping off* the Misfits.” That makes your description of what the supposed *accurate* sentence should have said sound better. Grammar, as it were.

Lillian Johnson

I disagree with this article Train has tons of YOUNGER fans im 15 and im in love with them and I know people all around the world that are my age and some older that love them just as much as me so someone shouldnt say that they wouldnt have fans under 30 when they havent even been to their concert.

Ryan Sartor

I have to agree that everything on here is pretty terrible except for Raphael Saadiq.


“They are four lucky guys who made a career out something they truly love”

Accurately, that sentence should have read, “They are four lucky guys who made a career out of RIPPING OF THE MISFITS.”

Though I agree, this site should stick to movie mockery and leave music to people with better taste/knowledge……..yeah, I’ve seen some of the bands you guys have championed…..just awful

Sammy Havok

HOW DARE YOU ‘ugh’ about AFI. They kick ass, they are my favourite band an always will be. If you want to call them emo, you’re wrong. They are four lucky guys who made a career out something they truly love, and they actually give a damn about making music and not money, which is something I clearly can’t say honestly about the vast majority of bands today. And just so you know, AFI have managed 8 albums, plus a load of EPs. And Blaqk Audio are due announcing the release of their second album anytime.

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