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Actor/Model/Musician Sam Sarpong Stays Busy, Co-Stars in Matt Sinnreich’s Short Film “Trigger”

Actor/Model/Musician Sam Sarpong Stays Busy, Co-Stars in Matt Sinnreich's Short Film "Trigger"

For actor/model Sam Sarpong, there is apparently no limit to what he can do, when he decides that he is going to do it. He’s currently in London promoting the U.K. release of his latest feature film, Anchor Baby, and also promoting his latest music single, Fire. And from what I gather, Mr. Sarpong still manages to find time to fit in a bit of modeling every now and again. Sarpong was once the face of Tommy Hilfiger for six years, and has worked for many years with Levi Strauss & Co.

Sarpong will also be seen as a character named “Trey” in the yet-to-be-released short film Trigger, from director Matt Sinnreich. The film has a tentative 2012 release date.

The only information I was able to locate regarding the premise of Trigger is this little nugget:

We open on Ryan Wilson kicking in a door and putting the gun to a drug dealers head. We regress back through his childhood to his adult life to learn what made him pull the trigger.

Check out the trailer for Trigger.

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I can recommend

Try and watch his movie Anchor Baby and you will know this dude is no jok. the movie has won a lot of festivals and it’s currently playing in UK cinemas. I watched it last friday.


@ Ema

Touche’ bro.
Sorry if I offended you. I wish I hadn’t used the word cheapen, but, as you noted, it was late and I didn’t have my thinking cap on. There certainly is no need to find anything negative to report when there is nothing to report. I was poorly attempting to offer the perspective that it sounds like you like this guy and his hustle a lot but I’m still not sure why. Is there a movie or performance you can recommend? From what I’ve looked up, he seems official.



I’m sorry there wasn’t anything negative to report in my post. I guess you would have slept better tonight if there was.

The brother is doing positive things, working when a lot of actors aren’t. So I wrote about it. I don’t work for him, or you.

If you can do better, do it.


Good grief, another ambiguous trailer? SMDH.


I have a lot of respect for S&A and even more pride for anyone of Ghanaian decent doing their thing but this post reads like a puff piece written by Sam Sarpong’s publicist. I assume this is not your intention, and given the quality of your work, I figure you’d appreciate knowing when an entry cheapens your work and its subject.

All in love.

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