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Adam Chapnick on “IndieGoGo Films Showcased at World-Class Festivals in 2011”

Adam Chapnick on "IndieGoGo Films Showcased at World-Class Festivals in 2011"

Google became a verb several years ago. In the Indie / Truly Free Film space we are close to verb-izing another company. But just like all tissues are not Kleenex, there are many crowdfunding platforms out there, and it is worth not forgetting that. Find the platform that works best for your film, as there are plusses and minuses on everything.

Today Adam Chanpick speaks of the films (and some of the benefits) of crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo.

14 IndieGoGo Films Showcased at World-Class Festivals in 2011

IndieGoGo filmmakers have been rocking the world stage in 2011. In the first six months, no fewer than fifteen films that successfully campaigned on IndieGoGo appeared in the world’s leading film fests, including Sundance, SXSW, Cannes, Tribeca Film Fest, HotDocs, and LA Film Fest. These films have gone on to win top awards (Tribeca Audience Award) and get picked up by top distributors (The Weinstein Company).

In my responsibilities at IndieGoGo and Distribber, I’m regularly asked for advice and help with all facets of film finance and distribution. After answering so many of these one-off questions with the words, “lots of IndieGoGo campaigners have already figured that out,” it’s clear the filmmaker community would benefit from an update from IndieGoGo filmmakers who have had success.

As background, since 2008, the independent film community has been a central part of the IndieGoGo family; thousands of films have raised money for production, distribution, festival travel, promotion, marketing and for many other film funding needs.

IndieGoGo is partnered with leading organizations like Fractured Atlas and the San Francisco Film Society to offer filmmakers fiscal sponsorship services (Fractured Atlas campaigns recently passed $1,000,000. Sheffield Doc/Fest, one of the world’s leading documentary events, also has been an active and innovative partner.

Below is are links to all the amazing films, grouped by the festival in which they appeared. I encourage you to check out each campaign to learn more about pitch videos and copy, updates and perk selections, and how to engage an audience.

LA Film Fest

1. An Ordinary Family

2. Wish Me Away (1)
Wish Me Away (2)

3. Salaam Dunk


4. Cerise


5. You’ve Been Trumped


6. Give Up Tomorrow (Won the audience award!)

7. The Bully Project Film (Was picked up by Weinstein Co.)

8. Love Hate Love – Tribeca Travel


9. My Sucky Teen Romance (1)
My Sucky Teen Romance (2)

10. 8 (Award winner)

11. Sound It Out (1)
Sound It Out (2)
Sound It Out (3)



13. The High Level Bridge

14. The Rocket Boy

All of these campaigns succeeded on many levels, but there are three key areas that they nailed: They each had a great pitch, a proactive team, and each found the audience that cares about their passion and interacted with them consistently and creatively.

Over the next four days you’ll hear from four of the filmmakers behind these success stories, who’ll share key takeaways, tips, and tricks about their journey from funding to festival. I hope their learning helps your film become the next success story.

Adam Chapnick

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michael newman

cool, thanks adam!

i will most likely need some sort of help so i will let you know.

Christopher J. Boghosian

Hey, Adam.

Congratulations on the success of IndieGoGo and Distribber. Not sure if you know, I ran a successful IndieGoGo/Fractured Atlas campaign a year ago and it was an incredibly easy and smooth process. I’m so thankful that both organizations got together! There is absolutely no way I would have raised as much as I did without my fiscal sponsorship…

Thanks for your support and commitment to truly free films and I’m looking forward to hearing more from the filmmakers themselves.


Adam Chapnick

Hey Michael, I’m so glad you’re taking advantage of the fiscal sponsorship opportunity. I hope you knock it out of the park with your campaign. Let me know if I can help.

michael newman

thanks adam, this is a great resource!

i am about to start a crowdfunding campaign for my social issue documentary ‘the elephant on campus’, which is about higher education reform. i’ve been weighing my options between indiegogo and kickstarter. i’ve decided on indiegogo b/c it’s not all-or-nothing and more importantly, it allows fiscal sponsorship. i’ve teamed up with from the heart productions.

i hope i am able to add my documentary to this list of successful campaigns, which then hopefully leads to a major film fest.

Jason @ FilmmakingStuff

Keep up the good work Adam!

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