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After Just 1 Week In Release “Star Wars” Becomes All-Time Bestselling Title In Blu-ray History!

After Just 1 Week In Release "Star Wars" Becomes All-Time Bestselling Title In Blu-ray History!

When news of any new Star Wars tinkering by George Lucas is released, many cry and plead with George to put the film to permanent rest, and move on to something new and original.

Well, obviously millions of others disagree, as news like this only helps support George’s desire to tinker with the franchise of films even further.

According to The Hollywood Reporter

The Force has certainly been with Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment during the first week of the Star Wars: The Complete Saga’s release on Blu-ray. The nine-disc set took in $84 million globally since its launch on Sept. 16, selling 515,000 units in North America, and making the set the highest-selling and most pre-ordered title in Blu-ray history.

Making history, breaking records Star Wars is. Still, buy it, I will not; the 3D version of The Phantom Menace to contend with in February, we will; break 3D theatrical release record, it might. A live-action TV series in the works is.

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I’m not even sure what blue-ray does…except gives the viewer the ability to completely deconstruct (literally) the film? Too much information for me.

What’s this pish posh about Star Trek being greater than Star Wars, “William Shatner”? Those are some serious fighting words. SERIOUS. They are not the same genre, really. Star Trek=science fiction; Star Wars=fantasy with sci-elements. Abrams Star Trek while entertaining was uninspired. Star Wars dealt with one family and its issues set against the backdrop of a warring galaxy. Star Trek had random episodes of random pontification on the meaning of life, the arch of Spock’s eyebrows and the “NEXUS”. Star Wars dealt with human issues in a more concentrated group (Skywalker family) while Trek’s dealing with human issues was more broad and encompassing. I posit the differences, too, and as you can tell by my response, I’m no Trekkie, but a Sithchick, ride-or-die and I will say that neither are greater than the other, but both are great on different planes and for different reasons. The end. Hmmph. :)

William Shatner

Star Trek is better than Star Wars. Star Wars is derivative of Star Trek and while Trek is about relationships and stories that involved humanity and philosophical questions, Star Wars is about special effects. J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek is proof of Trek’s superiority over Star Wars, because not only does Star Trek deal with more human principles but it now has more special effects than Star Wars, so Star Wars has nothing to stand on.


I am not surprised, it’ll probably make $100 million by the weekend. I need to get my copy I love Star Wars(4,5 & 6) lol

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