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Antoine Fuqua Set to Direct Suge Knight Doc for Showtime

Antoine Fuqua Set to Direct Suge Knight Doc for Showtime

Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) is set to direct and produce a new documentary project based on the life and exploits of Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight.

The project is the first in a series of new documentaries produced by Showtime that will spotlight iconic and controversial figures to be overseen by filmmakers. Black Swan’s Bradley J. Fisher will produce alongside Fuqua.

Knight will participate in the doc and will discuss his rise to fame, why it fell apart and what’s next. The former CEO of Death Row Records is credited with launching the careers of Snoop Dogg and P Diddy, among others.

The effort also doubles as Knight’s return to the music business, as Knight set to oversee the film’s soundtrack, which will feature original tracks from new and established performers, through his new company Black Kapital.

News of this project comes as a surprise, considering recent talk of Fuqua’s much-anticipated narrative biopic on slain Death Row artist Tupac Shakur.


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Well it’s funny how he was going to be producing the Tupac film which was said to be going to show how people in the music industry ‘SUGE KNIGHT’ had him killed, and now he is working with Suge Knight on this, call it coincidence or whatever. But from where i’m stood it looks like Suge is trying to get him on his side so he doesnt put a film out that would draw more attention to the fact that people believe he was the person that had Tupac killed. I’m not saying that he did or he did not have Tupac killed, but from the evidence that has been presented it does look very suspicious towards him maybe being guilty, but who knows, maybe just whoever really did it trying to cover there tracks by pointing the finger at him, and others just trying to make money out of it, but I would guess at the first answer that it was Suge Knight, I may be wrong, it’s only my guess, but it is a strong guess. And I would also guess that Faqua has been intimidated into moving away from the Tupac movie and doing the Suge knight documentary instead, but again this is only my guess, although my guess’s are usually correct.


I think he’s[antoine fuqua] a low budget Sidney Lumet, COPS ANGST,is his forte,nuff said.


What lauched the career of Diddy? It’s been argued by who? I never got that memo


Whoever said that is mistaken. Diddy launched the career of Diddy.

Some of Fuqua’s projects have fallen flat to me. Shooter and King Arhtur notably. Bait looked like crap so I didn’t even bother.

I refuse to watch tv unless it is appealing…this is not.


God how many docs and movies are they going to make about these thugs? Get over it already.


That’s ridiculous…Doug E Fresh launched Diddy’s career! LOL

at the 1:36 mark:


It’s been argued that Knight’s highly publicized feud with Diddy is what initially placed Diddy in the limelight. A matter of opinion, but still.


How did he launch the career of P. Diddy? That’s news to me.


Do people still believe that he had Tupac killed?

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