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Christina Milian in Talks to Star as Maid in ABC’s Musical Comedy “Maid in Miami”

Christina Milian in Talks to Star as Maid in ABC's Musical Comedy "Maid in Miami"

Pop star/actress Christina Milian is in negotiations to appear this fall in the new ABC show Maid in Miami. Milian, who can also be seen later this year in ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, will play a maid who aspires to be a singer.

Maid in Miami is from creators Stan Zimmerman and James Berg (Rita Rocks) and Glee‘s music executive producer Adam Anders. No more information is available on the project.

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“Now that black maids are back in style, what could be a more perfect draw than a black Latina maid?”

Of course it’s perfect. She can be both FIERY and SASSY.

Not only does she has the genetic disposition to take care of “dem purdy white babies”, but she can get on her knees and pray to “Mother Mary” and do that “superstitious religious stuff” when things go horribly wrong for “dem good white folk”.

Now let me join JMac in the head bashing.

eshowman, the cranky TV fan

Now that black maids are back in style, what could be a more perfect draw than a black Latina maid?


Wow. Do I really need to say it? Ok, I’m gonna say it.

Why did they have cast a Latina in this role?

I mean, really.



I actually prefer her ABC Family Christmas movies over this ridiculousness.

I really would love for a person of color (i.e. Shonda Rhimes) to pitch a project about white maids…let’s see how fast they close the door in her face.

*Moving on*


Come on people, playing a maid is the absolute best you can get in 2011. We’s on our way up in society.

Hooray for the black latina maids and their white Prince Charmings!!!

Going to bash my head against the wall now.


Okay everybody collective eyeroll on three. 1…2…3…

I wonder who they’re going to cast to play the white night? Probably an unknown.

I feel for CM, even her bad ABC Family christmas movies aren’t this stereotypical.


@Vanessa Martinez

Oh, I forgot all about the nice white knight who goes against the grain and falls in love with a commoner.

Let me just say that I do wish Christina well, though. I hope she plays the hell out of that maid and gets a shot at bigger and better roles.

Vanessa Martinez


What do you mean? Isn’t that latinas’ expertise? It’s perfect in the eyes of Hollywood and the media. They love to see a good latin maid you know? oh and she’s black? why not have her be an aspiring singer?

I bet she’s going to meet a really nice white man. :) *eyeroll*

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