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Controversial Dutch Novel About Jewish Man In Search Of “Real Negro Women” Getting Film Treatment

Controversial Dutch Novel About Jewish Man In Search Of "Real Negro Women" Getting Film Treatment

The book, titled Alleen Maar Nette Mensen (or Only Decent People) doesn’t appear to have been translated to English yet, as I couldn’t find an English-language version of it. But if anyone does, feel free to let the rest of us know.

Not that I’m particularly interested in reading it, given the controversy it’s stirred up in The Netherlands since its release – the debut novel for Dutch author Robert Vuijsje. But I’d like to see the carnage for myself; sounds like one of those things you need to see to actually believe… and even then may still not believe it.

And now it’s being made into a film scheduled to be released in The Netherlands next spring, 2012.

Our friends at the Afro-Europe blog have the rest of the story…

The feature film “Alleen maar nette Mensen” (“Only decent people”), based on the Dutch controversial novel of Robert Vuijsje, will be in cinema in March 2012. The book sparked a lot of controversy in The Netherlands and was called racist. The film and the book is about a middle class Jewish man, who is searching for an intelligent voluptuous real “negro” woman. The story is about 21-year-old David Samuels who is Jewish, but has the appearance of an Arabic looking Moroccan. He is a typical rich kid who was educated at the Barleaus Gymnasium, an elite grammar school in Amsterdam. His mother is a lawyer and his father is a well known television presenter. He has a girlfriend named Naomi and they both live in the posh district Amsterdam South, where ‘only decent people’ live. The word ‘decent people’, which is also the title of the novel, refers to people who are not ‘allochtonen’ and especially not Moroccans. ‘Allochtonen’ is the Dutch word for non-western foreigners. But, as IDTV wrote in the synopsis, “David discovers he has a craving for black beauties with huge boobs and bum from the suburbs. He dumps his girlfriend and sets out on a quest for his dream, drops out of college and woman. An apolitical and irreligious film about the clash between social and cultural classes, based on the novel by Robert Vuijsje.

The book is said to have been heavily criticized and debated within the Black community in The Netherlands.

As the Afro-Europe blog notes:

Some people felt that the book cheapened black women and interracial relationships, but others felt that a lot of black women fit the profile and should therefore not complain about the stereotypes in the book.

Wow… So… I really want to know more about this for obvious reasons! All the links I found that discussed the book were in Dutch. There is even a video recording of the book being debated, but, again, it’s in Dutch.

But feel free to head over to the Afro-Europe blog to get the full story and watch the video (if you speak Dutch).

As already noted, the film adaptation is going into production shortly, with a 2012 release planned. It’s already been cast, with Imanuelle Grives (Dutch, of Surinamese descent) playing the lead black female character. I assume she fits the profile…? That’s her above, along with the actor who’ll be playing the Jewish dude. His name is Geza Weisz.

Watch out for an American remake soon thereafter. I kid, but ya never know…

Anyway, if any of our readers in Europe have read the novel, go ahead and enlighten the rest of us.

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Just wanted to comment on one thing you said. You say "allochtoon" is the Dutch word for a non-western foreigner. Which isn't exactly correct, although in practice this is usually what is meant by it.

However, the word "allochtoon" actually means someone who has Dutch nationality but was born in another country – OR who has one or two parents who were.
This means that people like our prince and his kids are "allochtonen" too, since his father was born in Germany, and his wife (princess Máxima) in Argentinia. But they are not the ones that many people mean when they are rattling about "die (those) allochtonen"… It's so dumb!

This is wat the word actually means, but in practice it is just a word that is used to divide – to be able to say "them" versus "us". "white" versus "non-white".
When people (not all, not my friends, not me, but many) talk about "allochtonen" they are almost always talking about people with another skin colour.
They've even made a little nuance, to make it fit even better: "niet-westerse allochtonen" (non-western) – in other words: not white

Hope to have cleared this up. It bothers me that this article states that all allochtonen are foreigners – we all have Dutch nationality. I myself have been born and raised in the Netherlands. My mother just turned fifty-one. She came to the Netherlands from another country with her parents and siblings (one of which was only 3 when this happened – and still his kids are considered "allochtoon") when she was 18.
Yet she (and I! Even though I've lived here all my life and am even better at Dutch than most of "autochtone " people (of my age, or older)) they just háve to use the word "allochtoon". Like "autochtonen" are more Dutch than "allochtonen" or something.
It's just ridiculous. I had a classmate who was from France or something. Allochtoon by law, but were she and het brother ever called that? No, never! It's just a (not so) clever and sneaky way to get away with distinguishing, and it's stupid.


Yes Erika, the guy (the author and the character) is attracted to black girls and the author has said it many times in interviews.

But judging by your comments, it’s clear you haven’t read the book. I wouldn’t even dare to translate more of that explicit degrading nonsense he wrote about black women. The problem with the author is that he likes black women, but he doesn’t respect them. I hope you see the difference.


It’s not about degrading black woman. The guy is just attracted to black girls. The translations are not very good. and in dutch some of the sayings are not how they sound in English. So all this hype is really just a bunch of nonsense.


Oh, how could I have missed this jewel. Thanks for posting this Tambay. Now let’s see, I think Nicole Beharie or Yaya DaCosta would be perfect for the lead role.

This part really caught my eye which had me thinking about the much anticipated SHAME. Anyway, I’m sure these lines captured everyone’s attention … ““David discovers he has a craving for black beauties with huge boobs and bum from the suburbs”

Oh hell yeah, I’m sure Misha, Artbizzy,Rhy,Nia,mecca and the girls are jumping for joy over this one.

Big black boobs and naked white ass, yum yum!

But wait… “Some people felt that the book cheapened black women and interracial relationships, but others felt that a lot of black women fit the profile and should therefore not complain about the stereotypes in the book”

NO! HEAVENS NOOOOOOOOOO! How could they say such a thang? I’m writing my freakin’ congressman.


correction: black women who would love this film.



Unfortunately, I know some black chicks that would love this film.

eshowman, the cranky film scholar

This all apart of this dissecting black women trend. Now I know that it is global. Sad, really sad.


I don’t blame him. I blame the woman that gets with him.

Btw, I heard TP had an emergency script dev meeting yesterday… jj LOL


If this movie was made in America, it would have to be a comedy. Can’t imagine any other way of getting it here…

N'jaila Rhee

wouldn’t be shocked if they did make it in America..but they’d make the leads all white somehow. maybe make it a white guy that wants a light skinned Latina ( played by a white girl)

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