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Creflo Dollar Forms Film Company To Produce 3 Faith-Based Films Annually; First One In The Works

Creflo Dollar Forms Film Company To Produce 3 Faith-Based Films Annually; First One In The Works

Maybe if my last name was “Dollar” too, I’d maybe have the cash to get into film production :)

Possibly inspired by the success that people like T.D. Jakes have enjoyed in recent years, I just learned that Creflo Dollar, founder of the World Changers Church International, has created a new film division within his growing empire, called CAD Productions, with plans to produce at least 3 faith-based films per year; the first one is already in pre-production.

It’s called Breaking News, and it centers on a well-known pastor launched into the middle of a media scandal, after his daughter’s lesbian friend falsely accuses him of infidelity.

That left me scratching my head; does he cheat with his daughter’s lesbian friend? Why would her accusing him of infidelity matter (falsely or not), unless she had some material evidence to prove this, leading to the media scandal he finds himself at the center of? I got questions… anybody got answers?

The production is currently casting, and I’m told that “name talent only” is being sought for the lead roles.

Delano Massey is said to be the director; and if IMDB is correct, this will be his feature directorial debut.

Principal photography is scheduled to begin in November, in Atlanta, GA.

I gotta say folks, I think I’m in the wrong damn business.

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This article is False article .This website and writer use false news


This post should be removed.kindly remove this false post


This is Terrible post about Dr.Dollar.Please remove this post right now this is crazy you are still reposting this post this crazy


Hello Tambay A Obenson I am very disappointed with your Blog Article about our Pastor Creflo dollar in your website.Me and my Members request you to kindly remove the False Article about our pastor of our Church.He is not involved any movies or company production.thats all false news you wrote.Thats not very good to talk about something which is not true.We are requesting you please remove it.If you do we greatly appreciate it.
Thank you


I’ve NEVER been comfortable with the fact that his name IS Creflo Dollar, just something ain’t right about that, don’t sit well in my spirit.

He’s not making it any better by calling his company CAD Productions. What does CAD stand for, Creflo A. Dollar. Rigga Please!
With a title like that, how are you glorifying God??
What the heck kinda film description is that??
I’m vastly disappointed already.
It hurts me to see Christians trying to do Christian films and do piss poor work, and he seems to be on that track.
Ugh, whatever Imma just keep hope alive!
Besides if I get casted in the film, I’d be running to set for my check #dontjudgeme #gottapaybills


Hmmm, sounds a little all over the place, but will check it out.


@CareyCarey: After (re)watching, those details were not lost on me. Funny stuff, that video.

But both you and our praying Sister, Kia, need to stop!


Stop it Kia, it’s all yawls fault. I mean, if that woman by the name of Eve, didn’t invite that good holy man to sample her fruits, we wouldn’t be in this mess. *Big Smile*.

Then, Creflo Dollar would only need Steve McQueen to make a movie on “The Bad Seed”: The first steps to Homosexuality and The Freaky Deaky. LOL


Dear Lord,

What I want for Christmas… More Steve McQueens!

How is this religious based… b/c it’s about a pastor? The plot reads sex, scandal, homosexuality–oh yeah, I forgot… that IS religion in the 21st century–my bad.


@ MiddleMyatt, yeah crazy. Did you notice the book we were talking about in the Terry McMillian post? Well, that video was shot in my home and all those books were mine.

Come to think of it, did you notice that the “pastor” had on a black pin-stripe suit just like Creflo’s (picture in this pos)t… and the same tie?

Yeah, CrazyCrazyCarey!


@Carey-Carey: that video was Crazy-Crazy. Thanks for sharing!


Come on MiddleMyatt, aren’t you being a liitle strong… Pedophile in the Pulpit: The Bishop Eddie Long Story???

Now you know Creflo Dollar actually suggested that we support the man so why would he make a film project like that?

Besides, didn’t you see Bishop Long’s last interview… here –>


Big Dollar, you might recall, scolded former members of Eddie Long’s church for attempting to join his after the accusation against Bishop’s (actually, for accusations against him). “I don’t want you,” he said, “Go back and stick by and support that man of God. He simply had an ‘accident,’ but he’s got (God’s) insurance. Perhaps that should be his first film project: Pedophile in the Pulpit: The Bishop Eddie Long Story!


First, is the daughter a lesbian? We know one of her friends is a lesbian but what did the pastor do and with whom?

Now Tambay, I don’t know if your in the wrong business… cuz pimping church folks ain’t easy, but we all know a man who can’t wait for this movie to hit, and propably knows the answers to our questions. That be Sergio. LOL


she accused to get back at him for not approving of his daughter’s lesbianism?????



You’re not in the wrong business. Just the wrong area… and wrong tastes, lol.


@ Rodney – nothing on budget level nor distribution yet.


I can’t say i’m surprised to see him throw his hat into the ring.

Any word on the budget level of their films and who will be distributing the pics?

Truly Caribbean Woman

Well consider this your pulpit Tambay! The plot doesn’t sound all the appealing but I am interested in seeing more faith-based content in the marketplace.

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