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Danny Glover Talks His “Toussaint Louverture” Film: “It’s Still Alive… It’s A Signature Piece…”

Danny Glover Talks His "Toussaint Louverture" Film: "It's Still Alive... It's A Signature Piece..."

We’re still working on it; we’re in one of those periods where the idea is still alive and still resonates out there; we just have to get all the resources together to make it happen, and we believe, I believe it’s still a signature piece of our company and a piece we want most to happen.

Words from an Mr Danny Glover in an interview I did with him earlier today; of course, he’s referring to the Toussaint Louverture film he’s been trying to make for a number of years now.

The interview was for The Black Power Mixtape, which Glover is a producer of, and which hits theaters in a limited release this Friday; but, of course, I couldn’t miss slipping in a question about his Toussaint project.

I responded to his above reply by saying that I could only imagine the challenges he must be facing in trying to get a film on this subject matter financed and produced.

He laughed as I said that and added:

You don’t want to hear those stories man… the stories I could write a book on… just on the process of trying to make a film about the Haitian revolution; but the project is still alive.

I’ll share the rest of our conversation in a later post, but I figured this would likely be a piece of most interest to a lot of you who’ve been vocally hopeful about the Toussaint project.

So now you know; it’s not dead. But it’s not a sure-thing either; though he seems committed to seeing it come to fruition… eventually.

Was a pleasure chatting with him though; definitely what I’d call a cool cat.

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Leslie de Quillacq

I hope you know about Philippe Niang's Toussaint film that airs tonight, February 14, and tomorrow on the French channel 2. someone should pick it up for the US market. This is an American story.


Great I would love to crew on the project where do I send my resume'?


I was wondering about that! DAMN I wish I had a pile of cash to give for this.


Have you heard anymore aboout the making of the film about Nat Turner? At one time I read Spike Lee was interested in making the film,

I really hope and pray that Danny Glover gets to make this film on the Haitian Revolution, in which Toussaint was a key player, but there were also some other very brave and interesting people that should be a part of that story.


I feel like there should be more movies about black history outside of America. As well unexplored black history in The USA(like not being a slave , interracial relationships way back when, rich black folks, artistic black folks, what was going in the North at the time,etc) I can’t believe this men has to fight so hard to get things done. Hollywood is so limiting.


Mr Glover is awesome!


Godspeed Danny, Godspeed!!


Indeed. Kudos to Danny Glover!


Love Danny Glover. Can’t wait to read the whole interview.

Vanessa Martinez

good! very cool.


Yay! Glad to hear this.

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