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David Tennant and Rupert Grint To Voice 3D CGI Film Version Of U.K. Kids’ TV Favorite ‘Postman Pat’

David Tennant and Rupert Grint To Voice 3D CGI Film Version Of U.K. Kids' TV Favorite 'Postman Pat'

Stephen Mangan and Jim Broadbent Also Involved

You might not be familiar with “Postman Pat.” The kind of peculiarly eccentric, low-key animation series that could only have come out of Great Britain, it involves the adventures of the titular postal worker, and his black-and-white cat Jess, in the fictional village of Greendale. He delivers letters, he helps out the villagers, and that’s about it. But the show has run on-and-off for thirty years, has aired all over the world, and we can assure you it was a key part of this writer’s childhood.

And now, Pat is heading to the big screen, with Screen Daily bringing news that Icon is currently at work on a 3D CGI animated film starring the character, entitled “Postman Pat: The Movie — You Know You’re The One,” having assembled a fairly impressive collection of British vocal talent to bring it to life. British TV star Stephen Mangan (“Green Wing,” “Free Agents“) will voice Pat, while David Tennant, “Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint and Jim Broadbent will all take unknown roles.

The plot will apparently involve Pat being tempted away from his home by a TV talent competition, which sounds like it’ll capture exactly none of the pastoral charm of the original, but, hey-ho, it’s not like we’ll actually see the thing. Icon will release the film in early 2013 (we imagine targeted towards the February school half-term holidays) in the U.K, and there’s no news if/when it’ll make its way Stateside.

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Jessica Kiang

I will never forget the expression of wonder-tinged adulation that crossed my nephew’s face when he realised he had an aunt who shared a name with Pat’s black and white cat.

They grow up so fast, the little shits.


What a bag of shit. Steven Mangan is totally wrong for the laid-back, affable charm of Postman Pat. He’s manic and he’s twatty and he’s all wrong. Plus, you’re absolutely right about them taking the action away from the charming setting of the countryside to shoehorn in some wankerish media subplot.

But yeah, it’s not like I’ll see it. So…

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