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Denzel Washington Set To Star In “Flight” With Robert Zemeckis Directing

Denzel Washington Set To Star In "Flight" With Robert Zemeckis Directing

In their first ever pairing, director Robert Zemeckis and actor Denzel Washington are teaming up to bring the dramatic thriller Flight to the big screen.

Written by John Gatins, Deadline states…”the film tells the redemption story of “Whip” (Washington),a commercial airline pilot who pulls off a heroic feat of flying in a damaged plane, saving 98 lives on a flight carrying 106 people. While the world begs to embrace him as a true American Hero, the everyman struggles with this label as he is forced to hold up to the scrutiny of an investigation that brings into question his behavior the night before the doomed flight.”

This will be a return to live-action films for Zemeckis who’s best known for films like Castaway, Forest Gump and Back To The Future.

The Paramount film is set to begin shooting this October in Atlanta, GA.

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The Pompatus of Cinema

Cool, a real acting opportunity for Denzel.


Wow! Mr. Washington looks awfully young in that pic!

His character is an old middle-aged man struggling w/ substance abuse in this “Flight” movie right? Hmm. That should be interesting!


Washington and Zemeckis? Count me in. I’ve had enough of his Scott pairings.

Dankwa Brooks

About time Robert Zemekis got back to live action directing. He is (was?) one of the best directors out there.

About time Denzel got back to being THE star and not just the co-star among some young white actor where he plays the sage/mentor. 

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