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Desire & Chromatics Producer Johnny Jewel Working On Music For Nicolas Winding Refn’s ‘Logan’s Run’

Desire & Chromatics Producer Johnny Jewel Working On Music For Nicolas Winding Refn's 'Logan's Run'

Of all the many pleasures of Nicolas Winding Refn‘s very imminent “Drive,” one of the deepest is its ice-cool soundtrack. Combining a fantastic 80s-tinged synth score from Cliff Martinez with a selection of Italodisco cuts from artists like Kavinsky and College, it’s worth a download even if you have no intention of seeing the film. And it looks like the soundscape of the film is something that Winding Refn is intending on continuing in the near future; Portland electronica artist Johnny Jewel, best known for his band Glass Candy (whose music was featured in Refn’s “Bronson“), but who has two song on the film through side-projects Desire and Chromatics, has revealed that the director’s asked him to work on his big blockbuster debut.

Jewel spoke to in promotion of the film, and revealed that, should the film go ahead, he may work on the music for “Logan’s Run,” the remake of the 70s sci-fi picture which is set to reteam Winding Refn and “Drive” star Ryan Gosling. The musician reveals “Nick talked to me a little bit about Logan’s Run. He mentioned it and was just trying to feel out if I was interested, and I was telling him about how on my 30th birthday, I had a party and I had a blinking stone in my hand, because I was super into that movie and obsessed with the idea of turning 30 or whatever. So that’s something I’ve been doing.”

It’s obviously a way off; Winding Refn has to make “Only God Forgives” first, and only time will tell if he sticks on the project where many, including Bryan Singer and Carl Erik Rinsch, have dropped off over the years. But Jewel’s already got a clear idea in mind for where he might go. “I would say it’s just subtle and unimposing, but it has personality. I mean, I would say it’s not that weird. I mean, some of it is beat-oriented, but it’s like they’re not loose, but it’s like circular. So in a way, it’s like because there’s percussion it makes it less weird. And the drone, the drone stuff, it’s like more in the vein of Karl Stockhausen or John Cage, or like a little less, kitschy is not the right word, but a little less in your face than John Carpenter, you know? It’s still basically within musical keys and things like that.” Dude is speaking our language.

Head over to for more of their interview with Jewel, and listen to a few tracks below for a taste of what we might come to expect from the eventual soundtrack. And you can hear Jewel’s work on “Drive” in theaters from Friday, September 16th.

Glass Candy — “Feeling Without Touching”

Chromatics — “In The City”

Desire — “Don’t Call”

Glass Candy — “Digital Versicolor” (featured in “Bronson”)

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What the hack of some people’s attitudes toward NIcolas Winding Refn and his films. This Danish director just doesn’t give any fuck, to do whatever he likes, i support him. I’m up to Drive and it’s OST.


basically, you give a headline saying “THIS GUY IS CREATING MUSIC FOR THIS MOVIE”

but then you click on the headline, and you find out, well, this guy MAY work on the music for this movie, IF the movie actually happens, but who knows!


not that I dislike them, nothing wrong with an interview or posting what people say. I just don’t agree with taking what someone says and creating a non-existent story out of it or framing it as if it’s happening.

In your own post you say “should the film go ahead, he may work on it”

– um, so IF it happens, this guy MIGHT be a part of doing the music. So basically, nothing.

Yet your headline gives the impression this guy is scoring a movie when that is so far from the case.

Edward Davis

All those items you dislike… they all come from interviews. If only you had a website you right all the right all the wrongs in the world.


an interview is one thing, another is these posts of “this guy says he might want to maybe do this one day if it actually happens”

Refn wants to make a horror film with Cary Mulligan, wants to make a Albert Brooks comedy, Wants to to make a musical, wants to make a wonder woman film with Christina Hendricks, wants to remake Logan’s Run….

Edward Davis

Pretty sure we got like interviews with like, practically the entire cast, so JD, you should start tuning out now.


So I saw “Drive” and lets be honest. I had huge expectations and this morning its grown on me so much that I get it. They havent been spilling ink on it.

Seriously, the movie is worth all the praise they’ve been lavishing on it.

Im the least fanboy type out there and every email, work and personal today seems to be me imploring people to go see this movie this weekend.

It’s stylized, it’s awesome. The first chase scene is brilliant. Its worth every bit of the 12 bucks and 90 minutes and thats a huge compliment.


At this point you might as well just rename your site Nicolas Winding Refn’s Playlist.

tristan eldritch

Love Glass Candy, and Ida No is effing hot.

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