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Eddie Murphy Might Host 2012 Oscar Ceremony

Eddie Murphy Might Host 2012 Oscar Ceremony

Now remember I said Eddie Murphy may possibly host next year’s Oscar broadcast. The official word is that next year Oscar show producer, director Brett Ratner who directed Tower Heist with Murphy and Ben Stiller, has been in talks with Murphy to host next year’s show.

Furthermore, Murphy is Ratner’s only choice for the job and he intends to tell the Academy and other honchos that at a meeting this week.

The background story is that Murphy and Ratner have become really good friends since Tower Heist, opening in November, which insiders believe will turn Murphy’s career downward slide around. On top of that, Murphy agents and managers think that it would be a great gig for Murphy given that it will remind people of his enormous comic talent, and will put him back on top.

As one insider who’s involved and who thinks the Murphy plan is a great idea, was quoted as saying: “Nobody knows movies better or is a bigger cinephile than Eddie. Not Brett. Not even Quentin Tarantino. Eddie can quote scenes from every single movie word for word. He can bring all that experience to hosting. Plus he has Saturday Night Live experience before a live crowd. And worldwide the biggest crossover comedians are Will Smith and Eddie Murphy.

Some websites have already posted that the Murphy hosting gig is a done deal; but until it’s confirmed by the Academy, it’s still just talk.

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Dankwa Brooks

I co-sign with everything Aphrodite said about Eddie Murphy.

He was cool, but nothing Oscar worthy. Jennifer Hudson made the film and deserved her Oscar and for MUCH more than that one song despite what a lot of people said was STILL a great acting job. Yes she was singing and acting that song at the same time. Her other scenes were good as well from beginning to end. Alan Arkin was good in “Little Miss Sunshine” so I’m not mad at him. REMEMBER the Supporting categories are not as highly regarded for their acting as the Best Actor/Best Actress categories. ANY memorable performance can get a Supporting Oscar Marisa Tomei, Whoopi Goldberg, Cuba Gooding Jr. etc.

As far as Eddie hosting? I think he would be fine. He’s not going to agree to any corny shit and won’t let them push him around like they did James Franco who has subsequently said he wasn’t exactly happy with the material they gave him.


“REMEMBER the Supporting categories are not as highly regarded for their acting as the Best Actor/Best Actress categories”

Remember that’s not true. They are regarded for their acting ability, the difference being they are in a supporting role, not the lead character. They do not give out Oscars for the poorest/least regarded actor. Besides, least we forget Eddie was nominated as ones of the best, and Adam Scott Tompson simply said “Eddie clearly deserved the AA for his supporting role in “Dreamgirls.”


” I am pretty sure you know he is no dramatic actor”

That’s because he hasn’t tried it yet for a lead role. I think he will do well in it, it’s long over due for him to make the transition.


If Eddie’s hosting, you can bet he won’t be reading that teleprompter much.

I’d actually watch next year if he’s the host and with The Help being out… can’t wait to see what he does with that.

Considering there’s another white-out this year, Eddie should definitely do a skit about giving blacks honorary oscars they should have received – Spike Lee for Do the Right Thing, Denzel for Philadelphia, James Earl for Great White Hope (yeah in addition to the lifetime achievement award), who else?


The problem with the Oscars is the writing. No matter the hosts, the jokes are always stale 60s bombs that Bob Hope would have rejected. Hire some FUNNY writers and then find a host who can deliver. The show would be much improved.


@ Aphrodite

“I’m sorry to disappoint all of you fans out there I am pretty sure you know he is no dramatic actor. Eddie did not have much of a role in Dream Girls to be awarded an Academy Award”

WHAT??!! Now holdup Shanaynay, cuz your creditability card and your black card is about to get put on suspension, AND, is in question! Now look, I don’t generally agree with the coonskin killer Adam Scott Thompson cuz he’s always droppin’ salt on TP, but since he dropped a tear while watching The Help, and told the truth about Eddie’s performance in Dream Girls, I gotta ride shotgun with him on this one.

Listen, anyone with an ounce of pigment in them who starts off saying Eddie will be noted for Trading Places, and his role as James Thunder Early was… what did you say “Eddie did not have much of a role in Dream Girls”, I have to question your motives, and where you’re coming from? I can name at least 5 scenes in which Thunder Early was the man.

Anyway, I hope Eddie Murphy does all that stuff Sandra believes he shouldn’t do. I mean, I want to see the Eddie that got him on top. You know, the Eddie in the red leather outfit, strutting across the stage with the courage of a black panther. I want to see SNL Eddie, and standup Eddie, and Boomerang Eddie with a little donkey thrown in.

Yeah, I hope he breaks out in another hot-tube skit. This time, instead of doing the James Brown thang, the theme should be something to do with The Help. Well, you know, I can see Eddie and a bunch of his partners sitting around playing poker, like Kat Williams, his brother and Chris Rock, while some fat funky looking white girls are in the hot tub. Of course, like in The Help, the brothas will start talkin’ about these chicks while they are in their company, like those white ladies did to their help. Oh yeah, you know, kind of like that skit Bobby Brown and Kevin Hart did at the BET awards. NOW that sh*t was funny and I hope Eddie – does Eddie – raw and live! Fuk’um if they can’t take a joke. Why worry about sucking ass now? This might just be a career boost.

Tina Temple

I wish Eddie Murphy would do movies for adults again like he used to and ceases doing children’s films. It would be sad and disappointing if he doesn’t.

Everyone is ready to give up on him. He has alienated his fanbase for years and has seemingly gone out of his way to make lousy children’s movies, with only the occasional adult film once in a while.


I would actually watch it this time if he hosted. ;)


@ Sandra

I saw “Shakespeare in Love” I remember her performance. I just didn’t think Eddie M. was outstanding enough to be recognized for an Oscar.

I have to say that he demonstrated his acting abilities and he showed us that he had some range. But was it worthy for an Oscar? I don’t think so…

Eddie M. will always be remembered as the funny comedian in “Trading Places”, “Beverly Hills Cop”, “Coming to America” etc. He will never be recognized as a serious actor I’m sorry to disappoint all of you fans out there I am pretty sure you know he is no dramatic actor.


[i]Eddie did not have much of a role in Dream Girls to be awarded an Academy Award[/i]

Dame Judi Dench kicked that door down when she won her “controversial” oscar with her much-publicized 8-min performance for Shakespeare in Love.

[b]re Eddie hosting[/b]

This could be good if :
1) the humor is witty, not mean/crude.
2) he’s allowed to host as Eddie and not as “Plantation” Donkey.
3) if he doesn’t make it a racial thing (the Oscars are geared at whites; JUST DEAL WITH IT. No need for self-pity racial jokes – not even for ‘The Help’).
4) if he keeps it classy.


@ Adam Scott Thompson

Eddie did not have much of a role in Dream Girls to be awarded an Academy Award.

Adam Scott Thompson

I’m definitely for that.

While they’re at it, can they give him an apologetic Oscar for shafting him back in ’07? No disrespect to Alan Arkin and his performance in “Little Miss Sunshine,” but Eddie clearly deserved the AA for his supporting role in “Dreamgirls.”


Holy Sh*t

This will be awesome.


Eddie is tailor made for this. So is Chris Rock. Last year with the two hosts was not a good move. Neither one was a comedian and they did not gel well at all. The Oscars could prove to be worth watching if Eddie hosted and The Help ladies are nominated.


That’s great. The last time I watched the Oscars in it’s entirety was when Chris Rock hosted. Eddie Murphy will definitely kill the lameness of this yearly event.


That might work. I’ve always said that they need to get someone who loves movies. That’s the missing ingredient. The Oscars are about “the movies”. If the person hosting doesn’t like movies you start to think “well why am I watching this?”.

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