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Fincher Talks Dragon Tattoo With Empire: Lisbeth Salander is Not A Superhero

Fincher Talks Dragon Tattoo With Empire: Lisbeth Salander is Not A Superhero

Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig cover Empire magazine. In this photo, Mara takes a subservient position to Craig (again), as opposed to the Swedish poster. Consider the power dynamics: squatting vs. being on one’s knees and standing vs. sitting.

Empire proudly takes credit as the only magazine allowed on set. What did David Fincher say about anti-hero Lisbeth Salander? Here’s a taste below:

Thompson on Hollywood

“There were discussions early on where people were like, ‘She’s a superhero!’ And you go, ‘No, she’s not. Superheroes live in a world of good and evil, and she’s far more complex than a superhero. She’s been compromised. She’s been subjugated. She’s been marginalized. She’s been swept into the gutter and she’s had a part in it. She dresses like trash because she’s someone who has been betrayed and hurt so badly, by forces beyond her control, that she’s just decided to be refuse. She can sit anywhere she wants on the bus, because nobody wants to deal with her.”

Thompson on Hollywood


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Nah, I had the exact same thought as Anne did when I saw it.


Can I just say: what the fuck, Anne. It’s amazing to me that someone can look at that and think she looks remotely subservient or dominated. It’s not that kind of relationship. They both look at ease with each other. They are after all partners.

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