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Fixed Gear, No Brakes: Here’s The Trailer For Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Bike Thriller ‘Premium Rush’

Fixed Gear, No Brakes: Here's The Trailer For Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Bike Thriller 'Premium Rush'

It takes a special breed to be a bike courier. Part gear head, part adrenaline junkie and ready to throw themselves into daily mess of gridlock, getting a package from A to B on two wheels isn’t a task for just anybody. While we’ve seen more than enough thrillers on four wheels, “Premium Rush” has to be one of the first in which a bicycle is the preferred method of transport. And in the first trailer for the Joseph Gordon-Levitt vehicle, it looks like it’s aiming strictly for B-movie thrills.

Directed by writer/director David Koepp (“The Trigger Effect,” “Secret Window“) the story follows a New York City bike courier (JGL) who is accidentally carrying something that a crooked New York cop (Michael Shannon) is after. Frankly, our hope for this to be halfway decent is probably clouding our judgement a bit, but we’re really hoping this at least provides some decent popcorn entertainment. And if there is any redeeming factor, the promise of seeing JGL and Shannon is pretty tantalizing. But our first impressions on this are a bit circumspect and the hypercut editing and pop-up graphics are a bit…distracting.

Anyway, guess we’ll find out when “Premium Rush” hits theaters on January 13, 2012.

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The film hasn’t even come out yet, ya cynical green-minded freaks.


There’s a break on this bike. Look at the top picture. Won’t film makers ever learn to exploit a sport properly?

Jordyn Kapsh

Lmao @drdang- my thoughts exactly!


Looks stupid. But also looks like the actors & some flashy bike stunts will help make it a breezy if forgettable 90 minutes.

Ah what the hell, I like Michael Shannon doing his bad guy schtick.


Didn’t know Michael Shannon with Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the boat, awesome. Look forward to this movie!


Was that a condom in the envelope?!


Traditional, glossy Hollywood drivel. Messenger works for a hip courier company (replace with any workplace for said character type) with “weird” co-workers with amusingly deranged traits and a sexy lady.
Bland cinematography, traditional story beats, and the clincher: the overused-everywhere shot of the character in profile, doing something routine, until a car slams into them, presumably jarring the audience. It was inventive and effective in Adaptation and nowhere else since.

Most couriers I know are gutterpunk types or bike-freaks–rarely well-dressed and rarer still, helmeted.

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