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Flashback 1975 – The Truth About “Poor Pretty Eddie” (aka “Black Vengeance”)

Flashback 1975 - The Truth About "Poor Pretty Eddie" (aka "Black Vengeance")

Below you’ll find a link to a wonderfully informative, well-researched piece on forgotten cult exploitation film Poor Pretty Eddie, aka Black Vengeance, aka Heartbreak Motel, aka Redneck County Rape

The 1975 racially-charged, disturbing, politically incorrect flick starred Leslie Uggams as a black jazz singer from “the big city” (Liz Wetherly), who finds herself stranded in a backwoods redneck nightmare. Shelley Winters co-stars as a faded overweight burlesque star, and Michael Christian is her boy-toy, who also happens to be a homicidal Elvis Presley impersonator.

Call it “hicksploitation,” instead of “blaxploitation,” if you must :)

The previously hard-to-find film was released on Blu-ray earlier this year.

The folks at Temple Of Schlock thoroughly breakdown the film, its cast, and its long history HERE. It’s a worthwhile read.

Here’s its trailer:

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Vanessa Martinez

Interesting. :-/


That interview with Ms. Uggams is interesting in how the cast did not know what they were in for when they arrived at location. She is, and always has been waaay too classy for this garbage.

Just Visiting

I never heard of this film, but according to Turner Classic Movies showed it a couple of years ago. I would (like to) think there would have been some kind of protest.


In the comforts of their homes, smoking red marijuana and kissing their petrified moose, i could bet, a bevy of Tea Party faithful’s are salivating over this pipe dream.


Leslie and Sanaa favor

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