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Gerard Butler Yells At A Banker & Learns Death Comes At Night In Clips From ‘Machine Gun Preacher’

Gerard Butler Yells At A Banker & Learns Death Comes At Night In Clips From 'Machine Gun Preacher'

Although it’s been hard to come to terms with, since Zack Snyder got him to strip down to his underpants and (doubtless) demanded he slather himself in goose fat for “300,” for whatever reason Gerard Butler is a movie star. The guy seems to enjoy scampering through sexist rom-coms (“The Bounty Hunter,” “The Ugly Truth”) with all the boundless gaiety of a Renaissance Man and otherwise crops up in hysterically misjudged vigilante pictures (“Law Abiding Citizen”) where he claims he’s going to “kill everyone,” perhaps in some deluded effort to test his “range” (more’s the pity, Gerry, you don’t catch Christian Bale pulling shit like this). Unfortunately for audiences, when it comes to giving nuanced screen performances, he’s about as versatile as Kangaroo Jack, though we’ll concede few can match the actor for sheer bovine intensity.

Even if the film was at one time being weirdly pitched as an Oscar contender, it’s the latter quality that Mr. Butler is bringing to this first preview clip for “Machine Gun Preacherover at EW, wherein he wails on a banker for not lending him money to carry out his humanitarian work, presumably besting all those other pansy-ass aid workers who have a low tolerance for bazookas. In the other clip which you can watch below, Butler — wearing a shirt he borrowed from Alan in “The Hangover” — gives a bunch of cute African children a place to sleep for the night with a cloying score there to remind you that this scene is supposed to be touching.

The real life story of “Christian mercenary” Sam Childers – an ex-gang biker who rescued children from a Sudanese war zone, and then set up an orphanage for them — is, of course, a remarkable tale. Hollywood can hardly be said to give fair due to the more complicated aspects of the socio-political make-up of the African continent though, especially if – as is the case with films like Ed Zwick’s “Blood Diamond” – the story amounts to little more than “white man saves Africa.” We suspect this is where the film might be going; an uncomplicated morality tale that skims off the top of “Schindler’s List,” albeit with ‘spolsions aplenty, and beatifies Childers out of all proportion in the process because he’s being played by a movie star, though we’ll be the first to throw our hands up if we’re wrong. It’s just hard to see it accomplishing what a documentary on the comparable subject matter could, as anyone who’s seen “Mugabe and the White African” and its sensitive handling of Zimbabwe, will tell you.

Marc Forster, the camera-jockey behind “Monster’s Ball” and “Finding Neverland” is strapped into the director’s chair and no stranger to wildly careening in and out of genres he should leave well alone (“Quantum of Solace,” so named for all the consolation the second-unit director needed afterwards). Quibbles with the director aside, the film has an impressive ensemble cast featuring Michelle Monaghan and Michael Shannon.

The clip culminates with Butler spitting, “Don’t tell me to calm down!” but anyone acquainted with Butler’s star turns elsewhere can make a fair guess about where this is going. All together now…Butler probably grabs the snivelling pus-bag by the collar, and then predictably screams some variant on “THIS!!! IS!!!! FORECLOSUREEEEEE!!!!!” and kicks the godforsaken moneylender into a bear pit filled with cobras. Right?

“Machine Gun Preacher” opens in limited release on September 23rd, and will premiere first at TIFF.

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You are soooo wrong Sam whoever you are. I was afraid Gerard had gone too far signing on to this one. I thought they wouldn’t let him really act in it. But as the trailers show, he is channeling Sam Childers very well. Now I want to see it.
Gerry plays a different person in each movie, unlike stars who can only be themsleves indifferent clothing. He is good like character actors are good. Finally the real talent gets to star in films. Before they just carried them and the ‘Star” got the headlines and credit.
That I think is a real problem with knowing to much about someones personal life. The mystique falls to the wayside, until you see them act again. Not so many interviews this time Gerry. Just work. Play in secret. Not our business anyway.


Oh dear, Anonymous (lovely play on the name of the 16th century artist, love his work). I thought I was finished! Then you pop up! Nim’s Island was for kids, why did you make it about sexual identity? Interesting…hmmm. I suspect you have issues…G’s personal life is far more of an open book about his attraction to women than you think, (very likely more than G thinks as well). We have watched 100s of interviews, lots of papparazzi vids, read everything about him, and we laugh when anyone dredges up that hoary old rumor. If we have ever seen a highly heterosexual male with too much testosterone, this is the one. That silly rumor pops up for nearly every HW celebrity, male and female. We know the accusations, we know the made up stories, and we find them amusing.

While I think the HW support staff andmusic and artistic types in HW are heavily gay (lots of gay artists for some reason), I don’t think there are more gay celebs than in the average population, likely 8-15 percent.

G is so thin right now, he has nearly disappeared, I am guessing his weight is around 175-180, way too thin for his height of 6’2″. However, as recent pics in Scotland and in Malibu demonstrate, he is well muscled despite the too thin appearance.

He specifically GAINED weight for Machine Gun Preacher. He has lost it for the soccer and surfing movies he filmed this year. You sound cranky and bitter. I am so sorry about that!


more i see about this movie ,less i ‘m interested!

it’s CELEBITCHY here:all Butler fans came


Why are you people wasting your time arguing? This is so painfully obvious it’s laughable! Gerard is a wealthy, about to get wealthier, talented, handsome, sexy, hot, up and coming Hollywood heart throb, with women at his feet and the writer of this blog and those who agree with him/her, well….are…..sadly not! Need I say more?


I have a feeling you’re going to be wrong about this movie, Sam.

Not as wrong as whoever convinced Gerard Butler it would be a good idea to cut a timeshare agreement with Justin Bieber’s fans (yeesh, the comments on this post), but wrong. Maybe.

Gerard Butler did very good work with some complex characters in smaller pre-300 movies. What I’ve heard from people who have seen the film, people who are actually into film and not just hopelessly devoted to particular actors, is that he returns to that form here. They also say that the remainder of the cast and all facets of the production are solid. As a whole, I understand that it does justice to what you note is a compelling story.

It may not be the Oscar turn that some are humming about, but I’ll be surprised if it turns out to be the caricature that you predict when I see it.


Interesting comment from Anonymous Bosch… apparentlly you were a fan of Butler in the past to have watched the movies you mentioned, so apparently something happened to make you so bitter….no picture or autograph?…Most of your comments were totally inaccurate, so not worth rebuking…


Dear Weirdness, you have only seen a few GB films because you do not like romantic comedies. Hmmm… let me see. Beginning in 1997, with a small part in Mrs. Brown, G has done over 35 films and British mini-series. Only two of those were romantic comedies.

Yet another writer has liked him only since POTO. Try Shooters, where he plays the Scottish gangster, Jackie; Beowulf and Grendel, an indie film (no he does not play Grendel!), One More Kiss: a young married chef unable to resist the lure of an ex-girl friend who has returned to Scotland to die.

Dear Frankie, a delicate small indie film, in which he plays a “temporary” dad to a deaf child; The Jury, a miniseries on the BBC, in which he plays one of the jurors on a murder trial, Jewel of the Sahara, an underground x-rated short film favorite, in which he plays a British captain dreaming of his absent wife, Shattered, with Pierce Brosnan and Maria Bello, a suspense thriller with a twist.

Gerard is a peculiar celebrity, he has millions of female fans with fan sites around the world, and his every sneeze is worried over. They mine tweets and Facebook for all kinds of information, and share every photo, and criticize every woman he is seen with. (and that my dear, is a lot of women….).

He is entertaining, funny (check out his many television interviews Conan, Kimmell, Leno, Ferguson, Regis), extroverted, and patient and kind with his fans in person. Many off his female fans have seen them all many, many times.

Weird it is, explainable it is not. If you want to see weird, just go into Youtube, type in his name, and you will see what must be hundreds of fan Gerry photo montages set to music. Someone should do a thesis! :).

Anonymous Bosch

Look, I thought Buter was cute circa ‘Tomb Raider’ and ‘Dear Frankie’, but he’s simply got way more misses than hits, and chose terrible parts.

His performance in ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ is crippled by the fact he simply doesn’t have a professional singing voice.

He made a terrible Beowulf in probably the lowest-energy version of the tale I’ve ever seen, including that Voyager episode on the Holodeck.

The characters in ‘PS I Love You’ and ‘Dear Frankie’ are basically male Mary Sues rather than actual characters, and he’s not carrying either film.

A supporting role in ‘Nims Island’, with zero chemistry between what the rumours say is a closeted gay man and his closeted lesbian love interest.

Better roles in ‘Game OF Their Lives’ and ‘RocknRolla’, but they’re both ensemble pieces where he doesn’t carry the film.

‘Gamer’ – was there even a performance? The editing was hyperactive and distracting to the point I could barely see him.

‘Law Abiding Citizen’ – truly dreadful movie.

‘How To Train Your Dragon’. Dear Hollywood: Norse, Irish and Spartan accents sound nothing like Scottish ones. By the book “Why can’t you be more like me son”, “I have no son!”, “I love you son’ cliche arc.

‘The Ugly Truth’ and ‘Bounty Hunter’ – both romantic comedies that aren’t romantic, nor comedies. If you’re going to make romances, how about at least doing them between characters who aren’t unlikeable and obnoxious, and having believeable reasons for them falling in love with each other, rather than just suddenly reaching the point in the script where ‘they’re in love now’. Terrible hairdo and staged ‘real life romance’ for the latter – which evaporated once the movie had done its business, in the tradition of all good beards.

These two were also where I noticed he’d gotten really flabby, wished he’d put his shirt back on, and figured there was fitter, younger actors to fantasise about now. He’s had his day.

So, for all the attention and talent he supposedly has, all you have is a bunch of underwhelming performances in middling movies, and the sex symbol tag seems no longer appropriate, especially given the untoned biceps on display in this ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ clip.


No interest in joining the torches and pitchforks line against you there, Sam, but I do take complete exception to your lumping Nine in with Bewitched and Just Go With It. Random, to put it in the editiorially beloved parlance.


Um, wow! I read blogs on indieWIRE pretty regularly and have never seen a fan reaction like this. How bizarre!

I’ve only seen a few Gerard Butler films because I don’t like romantic comedies, but I’ve liked what I’ve seen. I think he has more talent than Sam gives him credit for, but holy cow – no need to act out like a troop of soccer moms pissed off because your precious child didn’t make first string!

So someone thinks an actor you like sucks. Who cares? I’m sure there are people who Gerard Butler thinks suck at what they do. Does that make him a jerk or insecure about his manhood? Someone has a different opinion than you. Get over it.

Sam, I think you have your next story for the film blogosphere: “When Fans Attack: Please Do Not Feed the Gerard Butler Fans”


I am a fan of GB and have been since he starred in Phantom of the Opera. After 300, I just knew he would blow everyone away with his talent. I’m still waiting, so I have to AGREE with you on this review. And no, I don’t think you are jealous of Mr. Butler’s sex appeal. I think you have legitimate points to make.


Ah, The Libertine! Another male pseudo-intellectual putting down someone the female gender like! I suspect you would say the same about any group of women and their interests, whether a male celebrity or not. Of the women and girls known to me, G’s fans range from 14 year olds who love PS I Love you, to professional women (lawyers, doctors, professors, etc.).

His farts are very likely rainbow-colored, by the way…


Wow, you do hate this movie and you haven’t even seen it! – I would have liked to read a real review of the film in this article.

I do have to agree with you about Christian Bale, there is no way he would have taken the roles Butler has been in, playing a Spartan King in 300, the Phantom in the Phantom of the Opera or even this role in Machine Gun Preacher.. ..but ,it is not because he was smart not to do these roles it is because he could have never been able to successfully portrayed any of them.

Every actor have something different to offer and I like and appreciate what Butler has to offer and what Bale has to offer and I find no need to bash either actor.


I think the previous posters have said it all, so I don’t have too much to add. I will say until I saw a little film called PSILY, I didn’t know who Mr. Butler was . His performance touched my very soul and I had to get every movie he had ever been in and watch hundreds of time. To me, there is no current actor that comes close to his ability to bring a character to life. He is different in every role, not the same as most of your actors today. He has an amazing range. So unfortunate that you chose to write that review, especially since you have not even seen the film..shame on you…Next…. about Lainey’s comment….is that all you’ve got….spittle….you should be ashame …you are nothing but a bully…i have boycotted your blog as many have….you are right about one thing, Lainey…don’t mess with Gerry’s GALS….


Sam, you’re SOL with this crowd of pathetic phannies who would probably pay 50 quid to watch a film of Butler lighting his own farts…and would proclaim it high art to boot. Butler is a marginally talented actor who is a smarter business person. This film is likely tv movie of the week material that will end up in repeat hell on Lifetime. I can certainly wait for it.

That is all.

Joanna Jones

Sorry! I didn’t read your secondary posts before I commented earlier.

Please, please remember your challenge. I’ve printed it out and will be taking it with me to TIFF. I can assure you, I will see that Gerry sees it. Wanna send me your phone number and/or email so he can contact you with the date and time?

Joanna Jones

Obviously, you are a very, very insecure man who is threatened by Gerry’s masculinity and popularity with the ladies. Or, maybe you just wouldn’t recognize acting if it jumped up and slapped you in the face.


U Mistdapoint

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, even an opinion which is a thin veil of jealousy toward Butler. I’m not the biggest Gerard Butler fan, but I would give more merit to his performance than any by his close friend, Christian Bale. Bale is the same character, no matter who he is portraying: he broods, is completely wooden and has no intonation or passion in his voice whatsoever. Butler can at least lend some passion and charisma to his characters and from my viewpoint has a greater range of characters to his credit than Bale. Secondly, by being so obviously negative about this film, like many, you have missed the point of the film altogether. Perhaps we should have made a film about the victimization of Big Oil and then it would get more attention from viewers such as yourself? Anything which deals with truly disturbing and altogether unnecessary subject matter like the atrocities being committed against children in Africa (where there is very little oil to be had) receives negative commentary from “critics” who would much rather see two-dimensional performance such as those in the widely acclaimed and in my opinion mindlessly boring movie, Fargo. Yaw?


Why would you think this has anything to do with you Sam.. whoever you are. Nobody knows you or cares anyway.
Maybe when you grow up, you might become (however, I strongly doubt it) a critic if you first make sure you have seen an actor’s work in full.
Butler is a great actor who has done all genres of films.
He also has a great voice that rocks (have you seen The Phantom Of The Opera?? I wonder..)
He actually makes the movies. They would not be the same without him. He also has a great sense of humor and that is probably why he likes doing comedies as well which millions of people enjoy and laugh with.
He has also done great drama work.
So, DO YOUR HOMEWORK.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t believe for a minute that Butler is “picking up the check on any old crap”. If he wanted that he would have made a dozen action films after ‘300’ the way the fanboys and exploitation producers wanted him to.

He’s not a kid, he’s not generically American and he didn’t want to be the next action hero. Great roles are not everywhere, as the careers of even our finest thespians will attest if you take the time to look, and once Hollywood thinks of you in one way, it can be difficult to get them to think of you in another.

I think he’s taken the best things he was offered to get out of the velvet trap ‘300’ put him in and has done a lot of good work in even average films. He’s deliberately chosen genres as far from action as he can and sought to increase his ability to make the kind of films he wants to by increasing his public acceptance and investing in his own production company. (Those rom-coms bloggers love to hate have been very successful, far above average, and done a lot to raise his profile positively to a wider audience than just action hungry fanboys.)

It takes a lot to build a career which is what he and so many actors are trying to do. Come back in ten years and we’ll share notes. In the meantime, review the careers of your favorites – all their films, not just the ones you think are worthy – and I’ll stack anybody up against The Butler. LOL

(And it might interest you to remember that Holden and O’Toole had their years of high praise and trashing by critics, too. Not everything they did was seen as an advance of film art.)


Dear Sam, We would love to see the wrestle off! Its a date. We should warn you that Gerry is a top notch mooner. We have all seen his butt (and some of his other private parts (the film Shooters, as well as Mrs. Brown, come to mind), many times, with great appreciation!

If you have a good butt, we will willingly participate! Signed, Gerry’s fans!


The Bounty Hunter and TUT were business moves, seems Gerry was making a commendable effort to expand beyond the iconic 300. He was excellent in Rocknrolla, which did not get much play here. Christian Bale? Christian Bale! Complete waste of time for all but movie critics!

Gerry has been in films since 1997, and was on stage before that, briefly, while he was in law school (where he graduated with honors).

I suspect, Gerry would like to break out of the mold of the beautiful male who pleases us by just walking in and out of scenes. It is an unfortunate thing that Gerry’s female fans (and some of the male fans he obtained through 300), just love to watch him in anything ( no matter how bad it is), over and over again; I admit it is a weird obsession. A 6’2″ Scot, trained in swords, an excellent horse rider, who can sing (well, we like his voice!) seems to call out to us! The fact that he also has flown a helicopter, and learned to use a machine gun now, underlines his over the top masculinity.

Somehow we recognize that under any role he is playing, is an intelligent, emotional man. Have you seen Shattered, with Pierce Brosnan and Maria Bello? Another interesting film, not much shown here in the US.

Although male critics uniformly hate it, PS I Love you is absolutely beloved by women (the model, Bar Rafeli, Leo’s ex, just saw it for the first time, and cried a river, so she said). Frankly, it is ok that there are some films men love, and some that women love; I wish critics understood that. Sports (including boxing) movies leave me cold regardless of the acting, but men are moved to tears by some old favorites in that genre.

Law Abiding Citizen has become rather iconic as well: just after the Casey Anthony verdict, there was a surge of tweets mentioning that movie, apparently many would like to see private justice. It is one of the top 100 rentals for Netflix and for Blockbusters, not that this is any evidence a movie critic would find valid, but it speaks to the public, and that is, after all, the audience the actor aims for.

Trashing a film, and an actor, based solely on a trailer seems to be grossly unreasonable, unless it is just another damned Transformers film!

Sam Price

Somehow this appears to have devolved into a question about my manliness, and consequent lack thereof (I do have a gender-neutral name, I could have a vagina, you know).

Clearly the only way this is going to be settled is if Butler and I strip off and have a Women In Love style man-wrestle in front of a fireplace, or otherwise engage some sort of Peep Show “melon-off” (look it up) to see who is the stronger/more alpha man.

Gerard – I’m game. Call off your goons and let’s set a date. IT’S ON.


Great responses guys!!!
I could not have put it better!!

Edward Davis

I see a repeat of the PS I Love You Soundtrack post.


I love Gerard Butler’s work…And I agree with your critics., o’ writer of poor prose: I loved “The Ugly Truth”, and it made over $210 million worldwide, so others loved it, too. People who have affectations, such as yourself, should know that strong men like Gerard Butler for he IS a man, and women love him for his looks, huimor, and acting ability. He is the proverbial chameleon: he looks differently in every role,and his acting range is amazing. Did you ever see him in “Mrs. Brown”? In “Gamer”? In “The Jury”? In “beowulf and Grendel”? In “Dar Frankie”? In Shattered”? And in many of his movies? He should have gotten an Oscaar nod for his phantom in “The Phantom of the Opera”….I watrched it again not long ago, and it is a beautiful movie, and he is superb. IDo you dislike him becaue he is Scottish? Because he has the equivalent of a doctorate in law? Because he is charming, handsome, and built? He has “Charisma”…and he is a movie star, as well as an actor. You ought to get togetrher with Owen West…something from EW: he hates him, too, because Owen is a girly man, and Gerard isn’t. I cannot wait for “MGP”, and “Coriolanus”…and..the rom-com “Playing the Field.” He’s a billion dollar man in Hollywood: his films have grossed more than a billion. And…he was recently inducted into the Academy …the Oscar people. You lose again~


Don’t mess with Gerry’s Kids (GALS), they are obsessed with his Scottish (former Scottish) accent and spittle.


Unfortunately, you are a not a journalist, but another Beta male who is unable to understand why Gerard Butler is still around. I’m not a fan looking for information about Gerard, but just happened upon this article thinking that you had a credible, critical analysis of a current film. This is, instead, a shrieking, terrified rant by someone who has inexplicably been given a job criticizing other’s work, while so blatantly having no talent of his own.

A professional critic’s job is to watch a movie first, then write what they think about it. To have put this much effort into a two minute trailer is not an appropriate use of this space. But, I suspect the sole purpose of your rant was to prejudice people before they had a chance to view the film themselves and make their own decisions.

Have no fear, you are not the only talentless failure who has chosen to become a “critic” because you cannot make it in Hollywood, therefore choosing to attack those have succeeded. You are in good company. This “article” is not journalism, professionalism or anything else that would remotely justify you having an outlet for your personal demons, but so be it. We will see how you respond when you actually see the movie.


I don’t know where my first comment went so I’ll try this again. Pretty abrasive diatribe against a movie you haven’t even seen…or is it a diatribe against Mr. Butler himself? If you’ve never seen any of his earlier work you’ve never truly seen what he’s capable of. “Bovine intensity”? That’s almost funny. Try watching a sweet, QUIET little indie gem called “Dear Frankie”. The Stranger is intense enough without ever having to raise his voice. You want raw emotive power? Try watching his turn as a suicidal writer in “Please” or as a recovering alcoholic in “The Jury.” Do your homework before you start ripping the man to shreds..

Sam Price

Ok. I appreciate that there are some vocal Gerard Butler fans. But you talk about the guy as if he were William Holden or Peter O’Toole. He’s not. He’s not interested in being those guys, even remotely, at least not yet. Anyone even mildly acquainted with his recent (let’s say post-300) work can see this to be self-evident. If he was interested in stretching himself as a thespian, he wouldn’t have made Gamer. He’s a big boy and a big enough star to be choosy about his projects. I don’t think it’s an “extreme” opinion to assert he’s made some bad choices and given some bad performances.

Take Nicole Kidman. Pretty much everything she’s done since The Others/The Hours has bombed. But I respect her way more than Gerard as a performer (ok, maybe not so much with Nine, Bewitched and Just Go With It) because I don’t think she’s just cynically picking up the check on any old crap and coasting on the fumes of her biggest successes. Why else choose to work with Jonathan Glazer and Steven Shainberg on pretty out-there material?

To an extent Butler seems to have realised this and, yeah, he might blow me away in Coriolanus. In which case, I’ll sing his praises. But he hasn’t done that yet, not by a long shot. Believe it or not, I do pick my targets pretty carefully. I’m not interested in just slagging off people indiscriminately. I appreciate there’s some interesting stuff in his back catalogue (I’ve seen Dear Frankie, it’s not mind-blowing, but I’ll take that on-board) but, honestly, John Gielgud had a pretty chequered career and he never felt the need to star in a film where Katherine Heigl wore vibrating panties.

@Lady Di
I haven’t trashed the film, which is why I’ve qualified my statements. Nowhere have I said “this film is shit”. It could be a masterpiece. I thought Rise of the Planet of the Apes looked ridiculous before it came out, and it turned out to be one of the best films of the summer. If my perception of this film turns out to be wrong, then of course I’ll recant. But I’m far from the only one to think this material could potentially be objectionable. Just look at the poster.


Oh dear !! Sad grammar and even sadder personal bias. GB’ s a top actor and has thousands of fans who have seen every nuance of his vast array of acting skills. You however, are not going to last long is you can’t represent a more analytic attitude. This film will make millions and from what I have seen so will Coriolanus. Both Brilliant.

Joan (HUG) xxx


Spoken like someone who’s basing their opinion on the strictly commercial films they’ve seen, colored by their personal bias against Mr. Butler himself. Sad, that. I’ll repeat what others have said. Until you’ve watched “The Jury”, “Dear Frankie” and “Please”, you’ve barely seen what this man can do emotively.

Lady Di

I’ve seen the film. It at least deserves a viewing before you trash it.


The fact that you rant such an extreme opinion about a film you haven’t seen, making a number of assumptions based on your own biases and ignorance, says a ‘whale’ of a lot about your critical talent.

I don’t care if you like Butler or you don’t (I do), but don’t get your little boy panties in such a twist until you’ve at least seen the film.


This article is based on misguided presumptuous ideas about an actor’s work. If trashing is your best shot at being a “journalist” your career doesn’t look very promising.


I don’t like all of Gerard Butler’s film choices, but he does have talent. Yes, Butler was very good in Dear Frankie & The Jury. I am definitely curious about Coriolanus.

Jessica Kiang


Actually, if you can find a definitive reference for “whale on” being more correct than “wail on” we’d be happy to change it. But while there are many such refs for “whale” and even “wale” — meaning to beat up or to mark with welts, respectively — it seems when used in the phrase “whale/wail/wale on” it’s slang and as such there are just as many good refs for “wail” as for other variants.

Let us know if you find a final word on this, but till then, it stays “wail”.


After reading this article, I get the impression that you don’t like Gerard Butler very much!!! Yes, Mr. Butler has made some romcoms, but he’s also made some really good movies that truly show his range. Check out a little Scottish movie called “Dear Frankie.” Or the student film “Please!” Or the British series “The Jury.” IMO he has a lot more range than you give him credit for. I’m with A FAN, I can’t wait for you to “throw your hands up” when you find you are wrong. And Christian Bale? One of the most annoying actors I’ve ever seen. He has only one facial expression and plays the same depressed, morose character in every film he makes!

A Fan

Wow you really ARE jealous of Mr. Butler, aren’t you? I can’t wait for you to see this and Coriolanus and eat your words. Mr. Butler has more talent, range and passion in his performance than he’s been allowed to show. Finally, this film gives him that chance. Can’t wait for you to eat crow over this stupid “article”.


I believe you mean “whales on a banker,” rather than “wails on a banker.”

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