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Brad Lichtenstein

Hey! It’s the Commons!

Cotty Chubb

Sweet and true. Ekim thinks unlikely but nonetheless sweet and true.


We can begin with a handful of us that do believe in the ideals and will strive to make real in our everyday world. I will join you if you join me. Agreed?

Rich Henrich

ekim namwen

this video is put together very well and while i like the positive message it conveys, i can’t help but realize how naive it is.

in an ideal world we could all work together to make a better future, but we don’t live in an ideal world. we live in a world where people are either too lazy, scared, or apathetic to want to change anything. we live in a world controlled by heartless, soulless, greedy, power-hungry sociopaths that don’t want peace or love.

until there is a monumental shift in the power structures of this planet a world of peace and love will never exist. the ruling class has always been the same small group of evil bastards and will probably always be the same into the foreseeable future.

sorry for being a party pooper, but i prefer to acknowledge the world i live in instead of living in some wishy washy world that doesn’t exist.

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