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It’s Official! Eddie Murphy Will Host 2012 Oscars

It's Official! Eddie Murphy Will Host 2012 Oscars

When I reported the news a few days ago I stated that talks were still going on. But now those talks are over and now it’s official – Eddie Murphy will host the 2012 Academy Awards show, with the official announcement from the Academy coming any minute now.

The Oscar hosting announcement is coming much earlier than usual no doubt because the Academy wants the public to be reassured that they’re in no way, in any shape or form, going to repeat the disastrous teaming of Anne Hathaway and James Franco earlier this year.

Personally I just hope Eddie doesn’t wear that huge earring on the show. I HATE seeing black men with earrings!

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James Madison

I believe Eddie hosted the Emmy Awards and the MTV Awards. Curious to see this performance.


Wooow! I was thinking, “No way will the Academy go with Murphy.” Then I remembered how much Murphy has changed over the years. He isn’t as risque as he used to be in his youth and that should be fine with the Academy. I am looking forward to this…

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“I HATE seeing black men with earrings!”

LOL! I thought I was the only one.


Thanks for giving the proper credit for the story.


I’m craving this to be the comeback circa 80’s Eddie. It’s okay Eddie, your former trouble on sunset blvd is behind you. Just make us laugh again.

I honestly believe the lousy children’s film were based on him becoming a father and one embarrassing moment i’ll not mention.

Go Eddie!!


Good News! However please check for typos before making posts…the story isn’t that breaking.

Aubrey Titmuss

I wish Eddie Murphy would do movies for adults again like he used to and ceases doing children’s films. It would be sad and disappointing if he doesn’t.

Everyone is ready to give up on him. He has alienated his fanbase for years and has seemingly gone out of his way to make lousy children’s movies, with only the occasional adult film once in a while.

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