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Jason Reitman’s ‘Young Adult’ Gets A Fantastic First Poster

Jason Reitman's 'Young Adult' Gets A Fantastic First Poster

While his previous efforts “Up In The Air” and “Juno” were boosted by early appearances on the fall film festival circuit, this year, Jason Reitman is choosing to keep things under wraps until much later in the season and there are a couple reasons for that. Firstly, sustaining early hype can be a challenge and while many pegged “Up In The Air” as a Best Picture winner after it wooed crowds at TIFF, that talk had deflated by time the end of the year had rolled around. Secondly, compared to ‘Air’ or “Juno,” Reitman’s “Young Adult” is a much darker, more prickly affair, for proof of which you need to look no further than new poster debuted at THR which shows an illustrated Charlize Theron passed out with a 40oz bottle in hand.

Once again reteaming with “Juno” writer Diablo Cody, Reitman’s features Theron, Patrick Wilson and Patton Oswalt (with J.K. Simmons narrating), and follows the story of a divorced 30-something young-adult fiction writer (Theron; and hence the book cover one-sheet) who returns to her Minnesota home to chase after her now-married-with-kids ex-boyfriend (Wilson). Oswalt plays a semi-crippled old high school acquaintance who is the drinking buddy and pitying enabler of Theron’s character. Advance word is that this one is certainly not the embraceable fare of Reitman’s past efforts, with a tone that may be a bit uncomfortable for some. But either way, this slow build marketing campaign is off to a great and very creative start — this poster is simply one of the best we’ve seen so far this year. Nicely done.

“Young Adult” hits theaters on December 9th. Check out the full artwork below.

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You seem to indicate here that the film will not be playing festivals because it is darker than his previous films. Since when did festivals change to only showing crowd pleasing light comedies?

It seems to me that a festival is actually a better place for a film that is described as a “much darker, more prickly affair” than his other films.

My guess is that, perhaps, the film is not as good as the previous two. So he wants to prevent any bad word-of-mouth. Or maybe he is just still editing the thing? Just speculation….


i like this poster a lot, it can be a creative picture uniquely


Somehow the playlist commenters have gotten snarkier and meaner than the playlist writers.


I think it’s a great poster too.


pretty sure thats a 2 liter of diet coke (photoshop smudged out of course) and not a 40, making this poster even more golden.


This is a “fantastic” poster?


I kinda’ like the poster. It reminds me of the old “Babysitter Club” book covers (which I think is the point), except with a 40 and the main character passed out (because that’s what girls who read “BSC” do as grown ups.).

Benjamin Wright

All I have to say is “Yes.”

Can’t wait.

Donny Wahls

Good to see we’re optimistic here in the comments sections. If AR finds this screenplay to be “horrible, monotonous, and sluggish”, i can only imagine the bullshit they find to be quality cinema. I found the script to be quite good, but then again I haven’t had it out for Diablo Cody ever since she won an Oscar before she “paid her dues”. Get the fuck over yourselves. She didn’t steal the award from your hands. Give credit where credit is due.


This movie has no chance. The screenplay is horrible, monotonous and sluggish.


OMG a movie about a book author used a book cover design for its poster! SO CREATIVE. RYAN GOSLING-ESQ

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