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Keke Palmer Cast in Indie Teen Film “Virgin Mary”

Keke Palmer Cast in Indie Teen Film "Virgin Mary"

Keke Palmer will soon co-star in Virgin Mary, an independent film described as a coming-of-age story in the tradition of Sixteen Candles.

The plot centers on a 15-year-old (Abigail Breslin) who vows to have sex with her best male friend if they’re still virgins by the time they turn 18. The True Jackson, VP star will play the best friend of Breslin’s character.

Mary is directed by Beth Schacter, and also features actors Carter Jenkins (Valentine’s Day) and Daryl Sabara (Spy Kids).

Keke Palmer has spent the last few years focusing on her career as a recording artist, with Interscope Records set to release her sophomore album. Her current film projects include voicing the character Peaches in next summer’s Ice Age: Continental Drift, and co-starring alongside Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton in Joyful Noise, due in January 2012.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Palmer featured in anything that didn’t have a bubblegum, Hollywood bent, so it will be interesting to note how she fares in Mary, and whether she’ll continue to diversify her roles in the future.


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Sounds like a good movie,I'm a fan of both young ladies and I think its cool to see them in a movie together,when asked about her role in the movie keke Palmer said she was playing the best friend of the lead and is like a sex enthusiast,not slutty but comfortable in her body and is lovable and not over the top like a lot of other young ladies are made to look in films,it will be an interesting role to see her , I would love to see her take on a darker role as well. We've seen her play a sport,play an outcast,play someone fashion forward,w cartoon and even play a mother in her most recent movie abducted, now she will be playing this role,its cool but I would really like to see her play in a horror. I write films myself, i have the perfect horror to put her in,if only I was a professional film maker,in due time I will be,keep a look out for me in the credits.


I'm actually fine with her playing the best friend in this movie because she has a good manager and such that can keep her from always playing the BFF. But my problem is why is it that every young actress in hollywood immediately thinks that to be edgy or not be typecast as the "Virginal Mary" type, they have to play a slut. Like that is a big stretch of the imagination for any actress to do. I would much more prefer a darker role where she didn't have to be a slut but could be something completely different, like some of the roles that Chloe Moretz has done. I just think it's too easy to play the slut (which is how her character is described in some of the films synopsises). Now if she were playing crazy, like Jaamie suggested (what Jolie did) then I could see that being a stretch because there's all sorts of crazy and mental disabilities that can be intricately portrayed. But a sluts whole bio line in a movie is "I sit on d@#ks and I like it, so what." It's not even like a prostitute role where she was forced into it or something of that nature. It's more shallow. And P.S. I actually read the script at a competition. It's not much for her character.


People kill me when they want to generalize everything, every situation is not always the same, anyone who says Keke Palmer has been reduced to the best friend role has not read the script, it’s a role that Keke Palmer has never played before, as an actress you should pick roles that show your diversity, Keke has already played the ” Mary” role several times, in fact she was asked to read for the Mary role but chose the other character because it was different, how many times does she have to do that role, trust me this part is the one that Angelina Jolie would have chosen, that is the direction Keke is headed, don’t forget Angelina won an Oscar for Girl Interrupted and in that movie Winona Ryder was the star, it’s not about playing the best friend it’s about booking interesting roles, and if that happens to be the best friend so be it !


I agree w/ bohemian_princess a lot of our young sistahs are being reduced to these pathetic BBF roles.

Besides, isn’t Abigail Breslin like 13 yrs old? The role seems a little too grown for her.


Would have been more interesting if Keke was the lead. I see we continue to be relegated to the black best friend roles. I think you should repost that Funny or Die clip: Black Best Friend. Just saying.


Movie sounds so fascinating. But the thought of my little Abbie doing such a film is shocking. Can’t wait. Love the title.


She’s very talented so it will be interesting to see how her career pans out.


Sounds very interesting!

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