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Larenz Tate, Tawny Cypress & Aisha Hinds to Star in BET Original Undercover Cop Drama “Gun Hill”

Larenz Tate, Tawny Cypress & Aisha Hinds to Star in BET Original Undercover Cop Drama "Gun Hill"

The Bet Networks annoucement was just released today. Gun Hill, written and directed by Reggie “Rock” Bythewood, will star Larenz Tate, Tawny Cypress (Heroes, Rescue Me) and Aisha Hinds (True Blood, Hawthorne).

The film, starting production in New York City, is “a fast-paced, gritty cop drama which brings a fresh spin to the Cain and Abel saga set in New York City. Identical twins with little in common – one is a cop, the other a con – change in an instant as their lives become intertwined one fateful night when the cop is killed and the con assumes his identity.”


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Ok. Cool. But are we talking Gun Hill Road, The Bronx, NYC? I will definitely give the first 3 episodes a try.

Please join us on Pro-Black Sheep the movie Facebook page. Thank you.


Ok, BET…we’re moving on up & in a good way!
This sounds promising!!!


Say what you want about Larenz Tate but what actor can go from playing a bad ass gangster to a teen singing heartthrob and play both parts with oscar like swag? Denzel wouldn’t even attempt that. Good to see Reggie Bythewood doing great things. BET as well, well at least I hope so.


@Clayton: Detroit 187 was most certainly canceled.

This actually doesn’t sound like a bad concept. Unfortunately it stars Larenz “Emanuel Lewis” Tate. I would have to suspend a heck of a lot of disbelief to accept him as a cop. But I am happy to see Tawny Cypress.


Are we talking Gun Hill in the Bronx Gun Hill or something else? And seeing Aisha Hinds tells me Detroit 187 was cancelled. Am I right?


Well since the twins’ theme is hot this season/year, why not have BET on the bandwagon? Still congrats to all the above-the-line talent making this one happen. I hope they don’t shaft them on budget and story – the constant challenges of TV.

Curtis Caesar John

Isn’t this Reggie’s second show with BET in a matter of months?


“@Sergio That’s harsh!”

Oh please get real! Black people are SO goddamn sensitive!


Shut the front door! You mean to tell me BET is going to go with something OTHER than comedy & videos?!? OTHER than Tiny, Toya & Frankie?!? Something that MIGHT actually be good?!

Lord, it truly is the End of Days LOL

Seriously, I hope it does well.


@Sergio That’s harsh!

But then I’m thinking… Where’s Ralph Macchio? They could do “Creepy Undercover”

2 grown a$$ cops, one black, one white volunteer to go undercover at a college / high school with hilarious consequences and / or a felony.


This is what I’m talking about! Sounds like a success.

Go Reggie! Go wonderful cast! And…as difficult as it may be for me to say it but I must give credit where credit is due…Go BET!

P.S. Don’t make me regret saying something nice about you, BET.


I take it that Larenz Tate for the first time ever will look older than a 14 year old


Another cop drama. *sigh*

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