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MGM’s “KIN TV” Soon To Be In Competition w/ “Bounce TV”

MGM's "KIN TV" Soon To Be In Competition w/ "Bounce TV"

TVNewsCheck reports that Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer is currently shopping it’s new multicast network KIN TV, which will target the African American Audience. KIN TV may soon be in competition with Bounce TV, which just premiered this past Monday, September 26.

KIN TV, marketed as a diginet, plans to offer a “wide range of programming designed to entertain, inform and inspire a broad audience of modern African-American viewers.” According to a promotional video presentation, the network will also “include both African American and mainstream content on the network….We’re Americans, as well as African Americans.” It will also offer “a mix of lifestyle, drama, comedy, mystery and local news,” and the programming will “focus on topics such as home, travel, cuisine, parenting, work and relationships.”

MGM, who launched the successful This TV network with the joint venture with Chicago-based Weigel Broadcasting, is known as a strong player in the diginet business. The studio is also said to be partnering with media consultant and TV executive Lee Gaither, who is also CEO of KIN TV, according to his LinkedIn profile. Gaither helped establish the African American TV One cable network.

According to the promotional video mentioned in the report, the new diginet also plans to produce content in local markets.

The recently launched Bounce TV targets African Americans ages 25-54, and offers a varitey of programming which includes theatrical motion pictures, live sporting events, documentaries, specials, inspirational faith-based programs, off-net series and original projects.

It’s still early to know the potential effect KIN TV will have Bounce TV. No word on when the network will officially launch. Stay tuned…

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Rodney Eckholm

Lee Gaither is known throughout the TV industry as a fraud, con man and liar. The only folks who will do business with him are the ones who don't know him. Or know enough about him.

MGM ought to make a couple of phone calls to the agencies and places he worked until fired.

Replace. Always room for more Black channels.


Ok I appreciate the effort from MGM, I do.
I also hope this creates new opportunities for diverse programming.
But KIN TV??? KIN??

Translation, “all my KIN FOLK gonna be watchin that new channel!”

Why tho?

Who is coming up with these station names? Because they need some help. Bounce, Kin.



Actually in answer to Rodney, let me answer my own question. Ted Turner bought MGM, sold back the studio and kept the library. So MGM the studio no longer has access unless they pay for it.


Pardon, but aren’t MGM’s titles all owned by Time Warner and being repurposed on TCM?


Those are my hopes too Rodney.

Don’t get the MGM hate. Doesn’t sound like anything no other studio has done. And I not about to throw out my Hollywood Shuffle, Barber Shop, and Hotel Rwanda videos either.


@ Miles – As far as KIN TV, MGM will likely repurpose alot of the black titles in their library. Overall, however, I think this is a unique opportunity for independent content creators to enter the fray and seize the moment. Showing old movies & TV shows can only get these networks so far.

Miles Ellison

Where is the content for all these black networks going to come from?

eshowman, the cranky TV fan

MGM profited from the blaxploitation craze and the dropped black audiences as soon as the were profitable again. They can bite me, but most black folks will not know this and be happy that another channel is available.

Darla & Mark

I would not and will not support MGM, not one penny of mine.


Wow look at all the attention we’re getting! Doesn’t it make you feel special,like having five different guys ask you out for the same night?

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