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Miles Davis Died Today… Who’ll Get To Play Him First On Film? Don Cheadle Or Snoop Dogg?

Miles Davis Died Today... Who'll Get To Play Him First On Film? Don Cheadle Or Snoop Dogg?


Today in historySeptember 28, 1991… Jazz legend Miles Davis died at age 65.

I think many will find it odd that we still haven’t seen a proper biopic on the man. We’ve been tracking 1 particular project that’s been in the works for awhile now; I’m referring to that which Don Cheadle has been talking about making for some time. Last we checked, back in July, Cheadle promised that it was still very much in the works, and he had received some studio interest, though nothing definite.

He has also said that we shouldn’t expect a traditional biopic, but rather… “It’s more my take, as an artist, on what his music has meant. With wall-to-wall truth but not really much concerned about facts“… and… “Miles Davis is a beloved artist… But not to the degree that a 17-year old would know who he is. Unfortunately, people don’t know the seeds. In my attempt to tell the story, I’m not trying to do some reverential all-of-us-bow-down-to-Miles-the-icon. I’m trying to present him as a man. I’m trying to make a movie that Miles Davis would want to make.”

The script is reportedly done! I know one of our readers has seen it, and she says it’s effing dope, though she refuses to allow me to read it, fearing for her life, she says; she knows who she is.

In related news, earlier this year, Snoop Dogg also expressed his desire to play Miles Davis on the big screen. No, really. He did :)

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…really? Snoop Dogg is in talks……(blank stare)
If he is, I need to be considered for the role….I’m a 5’0″ black female in my mid 20s. Seriously people. Don Cheadle and no one else.


Wesley is an interesting choice – esp. if he has slimmed down. Otherwise I’d be waiting for him to pick that horn up and knock someone upside the head.

Wallace Roney looks like a good fit. Of course I’m biased since he’s a musician. There’s nothing worse than watching an actor pretend to play an instrument he has little to no experience with. I don’t even want to think about how Snoop would handle that, lol.

Carey, you know you’re working on the audition. I’m just waiting for the you-tube link :D


Wallace Roney-he use to act(p.t.stage) And plays a Mean Trumpet!-thatz his fulltime gig plus he has a striking resemblence to Miles- also a long shot but waht the hell-Larry(players club-malcohm x fame) McCoy? as for snoop dog’s grand illusions about donning a shark skin suit and a muted trumpet- he migfht be better served to portray maybe underrated jazz bassist for duke ellington-Jimmy Blanton, he has his look.


“I’m sure you’ll the pass the screen test, CC :P” ~JMac

Watch it JMac, don’t make me spank that ass up in here, LMAO

but maybe you meant that in a nice way, huh? :-) I mean, we do have a LOT in common. *wink*

But BondGirl found something, Wesley Snipes! DAMN, that’s a perfect choice! But wait, I know we should separate an actor’s personal life from his craft, but Wesley loves him some pink-toes and Miles didn’t have no love for too many white folks.

However, come to think of it, didn’t Miles smack the shit out of Cicely Tyson, like it’s said Wealey did Halle? That’s probably just gossip?

But seriously, Snipes has the star power and his persona is much like that of Miles Davis. I mean, I’ve never seen Wesley break off in a “nod” (Mile’s either) but he’s one of the coolest and realest brothers on the screen. Come on now… can I say Nino “slick ass” Brown (New Jack City)and Roemello “cool ass” Skuggs and Shadow “hip ass” Henderson (mo better Blues)?

Yes Sir, Ms BondGirl called this one.


LMAO@ “Steven “don’t jerk your knee now” McQueen”

That was funny as hell.

What about Wesley Snipes? Even with his government issues, mainstream audiences love his acting. He killed it in Brooklyn’s Finest, and has a weathered looking face like Davis. Perfect comeback for him too.


I’m sure you’ll the pass the screen test, CC :P

Scratch another notch for Don Cheadle. It’s true no one under 40 knows much about Miles except he was scary looking black man who played the trumpet. That video in the 80s scared the hell out of me. But a lot of people know about Don. White people know about Don. He could do it and get some support… after it’s done.


Jumping right in… SNOOP GTFOOH! Broadus can play the broke down pimp and the brotha that‘s “Down 4 My N’s” but not Miles… okay… lets move on. I mean Snoop playing Miles is as ridiculous as Halle Berry playing Aretha… Somethin’ just ain’t quite jellin’. But that’s not the big elephant… this is—–>

“Miles Davis is a beloved artist… But not to the degree that a 17-year old would know who he is. Unfortunately, people don’t know the seeds”

Seventeen? I’m gonna say below 40 might be a better representation of that thought. And, I love me some Miles… saw his last performance (shortly before he died) in Grant Park (Chi-town for y’all that don’t know) but the following has me a little eff’ed up. Check this—->“It’s more my take, as an artist, on what his music has meant. With wall-to-wall truth but not really much concerned about facts”

His take? Wall-to-wall truth… but facts are what? Not really much concern? Oh lord, is he saying he doesn’t want to be pinned to the wall about his “interpretation” of Miles? Shiiiiiiit, I don’t know about all of that, but y’all done turned me out on Steven McQueen. Yeah, that’s right, the only director (that I know of) who could handle something as serious and deep as Mile’s life, and tell it with the brutal honesty and fearlessness that‘s needed to do the thang right, is Steven “don’t jerk your knee now” McQueen.

And check this, the only actor who can do Miles Davis is… wait. Any ol’scrub actor can try to look mean and intimidating (look at Common “trying” to look mean as a bi-racial slave?… on the loose, yicks.. feet don’t fail me now ) but Miles was domineering and dark and mysterious and a ladie’s man and a heroin addict and a genius with a unique voice. Nobody can embody all those traits except….


Eddie Murphy should do it. I know it sounds off the beaten path, but he is a DIE HARD fan of Davis. He’s old enough to play him in his heyday, is bankable and proved he can do drama. Oh and he’s an Oscar nominee:)

I love Don Cheadle, but c’mon guys…he’s not bankable yet. I would like to see this movie on 3000 screens.

Hassan Fuckry

Someone in Hollywood (#paging Robert Townsend, #paging Robert Townsend) needs to get behind this project and allow Don Cheadle a chance to bring Miles Davis back to the masses. If they can do an Elvis biopic, then allow us to have our Black Elvis (with a much more original sound) to shine on the big screen. Sorry Snoop, focus on Fillmore Slim, and leave the jazz greats to the true eccentrics like Mr. Cheadle.


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