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Naturi Naughton Addresses Rumors Of Her Casting In Upcoming “Wolverine” Reboot

Naturi Naughton Addresses Rumors Of Her Casting In Upcoming "Wolverine" Reboot

Well, there’s still some loose ends to tie up. I’m grateful just for the interest and the talk about it. I can’t really go into it in a deep way right now, but I can say that it’s exciting to have so many possible opportunities on the forefront. I’m excited to continue with my movie career, but I have to see where it all lands. But God willing, I can do a film like that and we’ll see what happens. As of right now, I’m just focused on my show

Words from Naturi Naughton when asked about rumors of her involvement in the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, in an interview with Huffington Post Black Voices posted earlier today. Recall that about a month ago, we posted an entry here stating that Naturi had been cast as Cecilia Reyes in Wolverine.

Well, while the deal isn’t signed, sealed and delivered yet, as Naturi states above, she’s clearly in the running.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next *wink*.

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Paula Hatton

Aside from Silver Samurai and Viper, I think Wolverine will battle Daken, The Gorgon, Matsu’o Tsurayaba, Ogun and Shingen Yashida.

Since the story is set in Japan, they have to include Tyger Tiger (Jessan Hoan), Itsu, Amiko Kobayashi, Mariko Yashida and Yukio.


@ James

I agree.

James Madison

I’m hoping all goes well for her.

More so the Playboy Club, being that it is another period piece.

I have not seen Mad Men and I did not catch her performance, but I guess it opened up an opportunity to be a part of Playboy Club.

Really hoping there is something there for her. I want all the ladies to do well, and we definitely need representation of our beautiful and talented chocolate ladies.

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