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Nelson Mandela’s Grandchildren To Get Their Own Reailty Show

Nelson Mandela's Grandchildren To Get Their Own Reailty Show

When I first heard about this, it sounded like a really interesting idea. I’m referring to the news reported in the U.K.Guardian newspaper that Nelson Mandela’s three adult granddaughters have made a deal with Amercian TV producer Rick Leed to star in a new reality show for South African television, chonicling their lives; it’s set to air in early 2012.

According to an official statement announced during a press conference in Johannesburg: “Their aim is to showcase the new Africa and give viewers a peek into its level of sophistication and its exciting potential.

The three granddaughters Dorothy Adjoa Amuah, Zaziwe Dlamini-Manaway, and her younger sister Swati Dlamini, all grew up in the United States, but then returned to South Africa for business and family reasons. According to the director of the show Graeme Swanepoel during a press conference annoucnuing the show: “The show will be about our lives as young, black women. This is about three women breaking away from the Mandela legacy to find their own feet,”

Swati also added during the press conference “We’re definitely not the African Kardashians.

As for the backgrounds for the women, Dlamini-Manaway, 34, is the mother figure of the show with a 10-year-old son, a two-year-old daughter, and a third child due in January. She is involved in a family business, Mandela Dlamini Associates, and plans to launch a clothing line.

Dlamini, 32, is a single mother getting back into the career world with plans to set up a foundation focused on the housing, education and medical sectors.

Amuah, 27, has a law degree and an MBA and is in the luxury brands business.

Now c’mon, do you honestly think a TV show like this would be ever made in the U.S.? Are you kidding?????????????

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this sound intresting

Geneva Girl

Let’s not jump to conclusions. The hit reality show, Tia and Tamera, focuses on two professional, albeit dippy, women. They’ve found an audience across color lines. There’s no weave snatching or cussing. Many young women aspire to be like them.

Perhaps, the Mandela girls will provide that kind of inspiration to African women.


Oh, I just can’t! I just can’t!

Miles Ellison

It’s not often that the word “sophistication” is used in conjunction with reality TV.

I would hope that the South African TV audience has less of a taste for drink throwing, screaming, and weave yanking than the American TV audience does.


Now wait, this sounds like it could be an interesting show. It doesn’t sound exploitive to me.

Now on the other hand if it turns out like one of those Basketball Wives shows then you have every reason to complain


Ugh! This is despicable!

1st they create a tacky clothing line with his prison numbers 46664 and now this?


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