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New ‘Breaking Dawn’ Poster Promises/Threatens ‘Forever Is Only The Beginning’

New 'Breaking Dawn' Poster Promises/Threatens 'Forever Is Only The Beginning'

It’s time for another look at that disturbing pop culture, uh, thing, that is “Twilight.” A new poster has surfaced for the first part of “Breaking Dawn,” highlighting the intimacy between the ages-old, cradle-robbin’ vampire and his human prey/wife. Presumably, this is a clip from the honeymoon, before he delivers bed-breaking, violent sex to produce a baby that later excites a horny werewolf. Yeah, this series is fucked in the head.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, as always, headline the film, though you wonder if there’s any cachet to slapping them on the poster, as their films have yielded inconsistent results regarding their box office appeal. One thing’s for sure: Taylor Lautner, who tackles an action movie in “Abduction” in coming weeks, is purposely going to be marginalized. We understand his main (only?) function in this story is to tell everyone he’s going to fuck that baby when it grows up, but certainly Lautner has become as big a name as Pattinson or Stewart, right? Ah, who cares, we’re not up to date as far as what the kids like these days.

Click to check out the slightly larger version of the poster in all its glory. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part One” opens November 18th. You’re welcome.

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Katie Walsh

Wow, I guess I really need to read Breaking Dawn. That shit sounds fucked up.


Just wanted to say Gabe your awesome, liked the article. And also for the haters it’s just Twilight chill out, why is everyone so hypersensitive nowadays!

Hollie Gilburt

I CAN NOT W8!!! OMG its going to be AMAZING! I check IMDB everyday for news and images on Breaking dawn and never come off my laptop disappointed! I love Twilight sooo much. Can not w8 4 the film(s)!!!

Tim Podolski


The writers opinion is just as valid as your own, although I abhor Twilight that is my opinion, you would obviously disagree, which is fine, it makes for discussion.


Although I think Taylor Lautner is terrible, I actually think Pattinson and Stewart are on their way to having fantastic careers. I enjoyed Pattinson in Remember Me, along with Waltz he ran circles around Reese Witherspoon in his latest effort Water For Elephants, and has just worked with David Cronenberg. Stewart portrayed Joan Jett well in the Runaways and has On The Road also coming out.

Like I said, I agree on Taylor Lautner, terrible, and the few clips I have seen from his up coming action movie haven’t changed my opinion.


@ Guest

1) Uhhh… he writes for a blog you clearly frequent. He has just as much right to complain (freedom of speech) as you have to read it. You don’t like it, move along.

2) Fuck the money. That’s a major part of the problem. A so-so novel for females who can’t get a date has become a shitty film franchise and turned three borderline awful (well, two, Pattinson actually has some talent) into movie stars.

They will star in and churn out one forgettable film after another when this franchise is over, if they’re lucky.

… But you’re right. They’re loving life. Making amounts of money you also will never attain. While you struggle to pay your mortgage and other bills.


Well Mr Gabe Toro, your ‘article’ may well be full of snarky comments towards the three actors, but at least they are doing something with their lives (while make MILLIONS I might add). While you seem to be doing absolutely nothing with yours, apart of course from writing for a sh1t little blog. So while you no doubt struggle with your mortgage and other bills, those three are probably lying on a pillow not stuffed with feathers, but dollar bills. Enjoy your sad, pathetic little existence my friend, I’m sure the three actors are LOVING life.

Elin Jensen

You know men when it comes to Twilight, they become such little babies!

Breaking Dawn is going to be huge! I’ll be going on opening night with all the girls! Let’s go girls! Woooo!!!! :)


Stewarts boobs are fake on this poster. I can’t stand when designers to that.

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