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New Details On Nicole Beharie’s Character in “The Good Wife” Beginning w/ Oct 16th Episode

New Details On Nicole Beharie's Character in "The Good Wife" Beginning w/ Oct 16th Episode

I just wrote a post yesterday about Nicole Beharie having a recurring role in CBS The Good Wife, which premieres its new season this Sunday, 25th at 9pm et. Well, The Daily Beast got the scoop from The Good Wife‘s writer Robert King regarding the upcoming season.

For those of you who watch the show, which I’m tuning in for the first time this Sunday, Beharie will somewhat fill the spot left by the character of Sophia Russo (played by Kelli Giddish). From what I gather, the writers planned to have Sophia, Cary (played by Matt Czuchry) and Kalinda (played by Achie Panjabi) in a love triangle, with the two ladies having a bisexual relationship. However, Sophia (Giddish) will be featured briefly, as she will be shooting for Law & Order. It seems that Nicole’s character, Imani Morehouse, will be an attorney at Cary’s firm whom he makes some kind of connection with. Here’s what writer Robert King says about that:

“We’ll be honest: that was a gut punch,” said Robert King. “She [Sophia] gave a really cool energy to Archie/Kalinda, and we were really excited about this idea of this bisexual love triangle with Cary that was just going to keep popping. The difficulty is when you plan on that, and it goes away, we have emergency sessions … Our emergency sessions are not that rare. It was like, OK, how do we rebuild this?”

“We created a new character, Imani, [for] Nicole Beharie,” he continued. “She’s going to be someone we use at the state’s attorney’s office. It won’t be exactly the same mode, but we didn’t want Matt Czuchry to be kind of off there without someone to connect with. That was supposed to be Kelli Giddish. [Sophia] was a good bridge between a Kalinda that doesn’t want to feel anymore and Cary who feels squeezed out by Kalinda’s new [mode]. You’ll see hints of it in the first episode. It’s nothing we cried about more than a day.”

I wonder, will Nicole’s character have a romantic connection with Cary? What will she have any kind of connection to Kalinda as well?

Hmm…I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

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The Kings are definitely amazing with this show. This will be really exciting to see Cary get along with another woman who is not Kalinda, and when Kalinda finds out what she will do because as someone mentioned she has kept Cary at armslength for a while and considering what happened last season, she really has completely shut off.

I remember reading the Kings being bummed about Kelli Giddish not coming back because they really liked the way her character interacted with Kalinda…seems like she will be more of a friend for Cary, which they could potentially turn into a love triangle..but wouldnt that be so predictable hehe

I am still waiting for Idris Elba to be on this show, since the Kings seem to be casting from The Wire alumni


Ealy and Boatman were both tokens who were only around to service the plot. Ealy was particularly wasted. The character went nowhere and had no permanent effect on the show. Oh, and no love life either.


Umm yeah, I would say Boatman is a token. LOL Was he even seen after the writers pulled him out of the closet to help get rid of Ealy’s character? I certainly didn’t see him.

In any case, I’m still cautiously optimistic about Nicole joining the show. I hope this is going to be a meaningful connection between her character and Cary and not just the writers’ way of using her as a prop for Cary and/or Kalinda.


Michael Boatman is not a token. He was there way before Ealy.



Oh yeah!!! Would love to know if Brandy is gonna be in next season….It looks like it though because of her connection to Parker. Hmmm I guess we’ll just have to see.

The Good Wife is my favorite show on tv so I’m looking forward to whatever the writers throw at us.


Hi Vanessa. Thanks for the Beharie update. I was wondering whether you guys could blog about Brandy Norwood’s multi-eppy role on Drop Dead Diva? Though the season is coming to an end…


Michael Boatman has been on since the beginning. Michael Ealy was not meant to be a lasting role


I have not watched Good Wife in ages!

I know Michael Ealy left the show. Shortly, after they added token actor Michael Boatman (Gossip Girl). is he still on the Good Wife?


I know its not intent but somehow always ends up there whenever there is a WM/BW pairing on screen.
As far as her addition, im excited only to see how this will impact Kalinda who rarely ever shows any type of emotion. She likes Cary but puts him at arm’s length. She liked Sophia too which would have been an interesting “bisexual love triangle”. Its definitely one of the few good shows on TV right now.

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