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Laura D

Oh dear, that’s even worse than the semi nude one of her wrapped in his arms. This is totally antithetical to everything Lisbeth is about. I have to remember the marketers are generally separate from the filmmakers – because otherwise I’d be too angry to go see the movie just based on this.

And someone needs to smack whoever made that poster and the people who approved it.

Hopefully, they will change their minds.


Agree with both comments above.


First comment from a longtime lurker and admirer of this blog.

This is an invisible woman. Not an intriguing scientist who has gone too far and has become an invisible woman, but a woman defined by the full grey gradient photo of a man.
Which if I remember rightly, the original made sure we all knew that Lisbeth Salander wasn’t defined by any man, woman or institution.

From strong over the top intense, intriguing character that kicks butt takes names whose presence is indelible and fades out… …to…invisigirl….whereas the actual original character is more like the Invisigoth of X Files fame.

Doesn’t speak well for the US version, just sayin’.


Could this be the directors admitting to erasing Lisbeth Salander? That’s what it looks like to me. I have deep reservations about this version. Honestly, if it had a less amazing cast, I would skip it.

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