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New Poster For Sequel To “Gang Of Roses” Shows Starring Cast & Director

New Poster For Sequel To "Gang Of Roses" Shows Starring Cast & Director

UPDATE 9/11/11 So… here’s your new poster for that Gang Of Roses sequel currently in the works, titled Gang Of Roses 2: Next Generation. This was posted on Twitter by the Gang Of Roses 2 Twitter team, earlier today.

Clearly it shows the film’s starring cast as well as well as its director Jean-Claude La Marre who wrote and directed the first Gang Of Roses movie. Half poster above… full poster at the bottom of this post.

UPDATE 7/29/11: You can thank me later for staying on top of this, because I know you all are heavily invested in this project, and I can’t disappoint. So… adding to what I posted yesterday, the woman of the hour, Ms Amber Rose, teased us with another Tweet about the project (yes, I started following her on Twitter now, after she dropped yesterday’s news. Somebody’s gotta do the hard work, right). This time, she mentioned the name of the character she’s playing, as well as who her co-stars are.

First, her character’s name is Tara X, and her co-stars are Vivica Fox, Mel B & Gabriel Casseus.

Now you know. Yesterday’s initial post providing necessary back-story here, follows below:


So… apparently there’s a Gang Of Roses sequel in the works, to be titled Gang Of Roses 2: Next Generation.

You asked for it didn’t you? Wait, you didn’t? You’re sure? Well, somebody must have.

And guess who the first cast member is, just recently announced? Amber Rose.

Now, let’s just back up a little bit here…

So, there I was going through my Google news feed to find the above photo on Urban Daily which was reportedly tweeted by Amber Rose yesterday. I don’t follow her on Twitter, so I missed it. Maybe I’ll start following Amber Rose on Twitter now. She’s got over 700,000 followers already. What’s one more?

Accompanying the tweet were the words “On the Movie set #BountyHunter. Naturally, one would guess that the film she was on the set of is titled Bounty Hunter; but, a little more digging lead me to the Twitter page of producer Eurika Pratts, who’s apparently the producer of the sequel, which then lead me to the Gang Of Roses 2 Twitter page (recently created – July 17th was the first entry), confirming that Amber Rose is starring in the film. So, maybe the hash-tag is the role she plays in the film – a bounty hunter.

Producer Pratt has been quite active, producing some 7 feature films, as you’ll see on her IMDB page, and all seem to have been released primarily on DVD/home video; though I can’t say that I’ve seen any of them.

I found an IndieGogo fund-raising page for the film, which says Pratt is/was trying to raise $75,000. It says there are 15 days left in the campaign, though nothing has been donated yet. So, either she raised the money elsewhere, or…

So, what to make of all this, other than the fact that I just spent all this time digging up and sharing info on Gang Of Roses 2: The Next Generation starring Amber Rose?


I don’t know if it’s really in production, or if this is all an attempt to drum up interest in the production (especially with yesterday’s Amber Rose announcement), which would then lead to the necessary financing. Rose is a pull isn’t she, with 700,000+ Twitter followers. I’m sure her name can get some financiers to drop a few dollars, especially if it’s only budgeted at $75,000.

It’s called Gang Of Roses, so I assume there’ll be more casting announcements coming to make up the rest of the gang.

In the meantime, remember this?

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Mrs. Casseus

What roLe is GabrieL pLaying? After aLL I onLy came here because his named was tagged smh maybe i'LL watch the movie because of him too.

But anyways ~ some people have what we Like to caLL "dummy foLLowers" where basicaLLy they bought the numbers so they can get their numbers up. Most ceLebs do that as we can teLL by their "reach" ~ the reach means how many ppL RT or acknowLedge the tweet, her "reach" (today) is not even 4% which means someone with 10k reaL foLLowers has more reach than she does. What she can do is purchase a 5hour sLot of "trending topic." That can get the motion started.

Further more: I think they shouLd target a different market. If they did that I wouLd be wiLLing to finance it. Other than that, no one in their right mind is going to produce this movie.


First of all that’s Claudia Jordan not Kelita. And second it’s Kelita not Kellita. Third, the director needs to press charges against himself for making this movie. And can we end this joke, please? Smh.


I’m still LoL’g from seeing this 2 weeks ago at another blogsite!
How in the world did this movie get the necessary funds to have a sequel!?!?!?
Someone PLEASE edumicate me!


the Wild Wild Weaves




Dear God, was this film even necessary? SMDH.


Uh oh.


I knew that name sounded familiar. Bernie Mac’s upscale classy sensible wife is costarring in this? My heart is breaking.


Sigh. This is where Kellita Smith goes to after Bernie Mac Show? I do not like Amber Rose, Rosci, or Teyana…each have had scandals but even without the reputation, I’ll pass.


If this film is half as wretchedly awful as the first one, then I want to see it. It’ll be the funniest film of the decade.

By the way with the exception of “the bald headed beast” as she’s called on the black gossip websites I have NO idea who the other women are



Yah, I heard about that too! Is Teyanna Taylor still attached to the film? I know her recent altercation with the director got really heated.


Funny enough, or sadly, this movie has a little buzz because of a fist fight between the director Jean-Claude La Marre and Teyana Taylor. till dont want to see it.

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