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No Bridesmaids Sequel, Mick Jagger as Big Bad Media Mogul, Free Previews for Footloose

No Bridesmaids Sequel, Mick Jagger as Big Bad Media Mogul, Free Previews for Footloose

Thompson on Hollywood

Almost as soon as runaway comedy Bridesmaids hit theaters this spring, there was talk about a sequel. At the time, director Paul Feig told New York Vulture: “When you get a group that’s this deep and this good, it’s a crime to not use them again.” However, an Entertainment Weekly interview with Jon Hamm, who played a sleazy love interest in the comedy, put a halt to sequel rumors: “I don’t think Kristen is going to do it,” said Hamm. “They need to lock [Wiig] up before me.”

-Mick Jagger is eyeing a role as a global media mogul who makes questionable moral decisions. Who that might be? Jagger came up with the genesis of Tabloid, the current title of the film, which is being written by Josh Olsen (A History of Violence), reports New York Vulture.

-In hopes of luring more viewers into theaters for the remake of 1984’s classic Footloose, Paramount will preview Craig Brewer’s update with multiple free advance screenings on September 30th in 26 theaters throughout the states, two weeks before the film’s official premiere. In keeping with the studio’s past on-demand online marketing efforts with such films as Paranormal Activity and , Paramount is encouraging moviegoers at the “Footloose Friday” screenings to tweet their (hopefully positive) reactions. Footloose opens nationwide on Oct. 14.

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Ummm, why are you giving Hamm the last word on whether there’ll be a BRIDESMAIDS sequel? Wouldn’t Wiig be the one to ask? Hamm had a small, minor part in the film. It could have been played by anybody. He doesn’t even belong in a sequel should one get made.

And why does there need to be a sequel? Why can’t Wiig just write/co-write another funny movie with a whole new bunch of characters and get the cast and director back to do it. Preston Sturges used to do that all the time and none of his films were sequels…well, possibly excepting MAD WEDNESDAY/THE SIN OF HAROLD DIDDLEBOCK.

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