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Official Poster For Jennifer Hudson’s Winnie Mandela Biopic

Official Poster For Jennifer Hudson's Winnie Mandela Biopic

Jennifer Hudson’s long-awaited Winnie Mandela biopic, Winnie, co-starring Terrence Howard as Nelson Mandela premiered at TIFF to mixed reviews as I already noted in a previous post.

As of today, I’ve received no word on where it’ll next screen. I was hoping it would come to NYC for the New York Film Festival, but, alas, it won’t be.

We’ve seen the trailer for it already; here’s the official poster:

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Just Visiting

Who was in charge of the wardrobe? This looks all sorts of wrong.


I hate this poster…

Geneva Girl

I agree that this poster doesn’t convey anything about the struggles that the couple endured and their importance in history, but it does suggest a love story. Theirs was an epic love story that spanned generations. Does the film focus just on their relationship? Perhaps, that’s how the marketing people saw it.


I have to agree with Orville’s first paragraph… say what?! Winnie’s got a complicated past and not a very good one. I’ve yet to find a black South African who elevates her to the status of Coretta Scott King. I imagine there would be similar difficulties if Hollywood wanted to do a film on Indhira Gandhi.

It would be nice if Winnie had a consultant’s role in this movie to make it more genuine but it wouldn’t be necessary in the right director’s/writer’s/actor’s hands. Unfortunately it isn’t in the right hands – if there haven’t been any changes since that god awful trailer.

That poster does look like something from the JCP catalog. If this is an EPIC love story, they should have used a better picture than that. Update the clothing and the car and that could be me and my brother discussing the tragic death of his youngest daughter.


Boycott this movie. Y’all know why.. Imagine a movie made about Martin Luther King Jr, without consulting any of his family members. Regardless of whether it is a good film or not, it should be rejected on principle. I’m not saying don’t see it, but if you really need to see it, download it for free, or support your local bootlegger. This movie is a slap in the face to Mrs.Mandela.

Darla & Mark

I am writing a romantic drama screenplay, curious to see Jennifer acting in this drama love story.


@ Davyjc why would the producers give Winnie input? Winnie killed a boy in South Africa in the 1990s! I doubt Winnie wanted that in the movie BUT it is! This movie demonstrates the good, bad, and the ugly about Winnie Mandela it is not some sugar coated story. Winnie Mandela is a very important black feminist icon BUT she is also had a dark side. She cheated on Nelson Mandela, the rumor is she slept with a white Afrikkans man too.

The movie is not going to have some depressing scene with people dying or bodies blowing up. I like the poster Jennifer looks beautiful and Terrance looks very handsome. I think Terrance was the right choice for Mandela he is young, attractive, and a very good actor.


Wait…THAT’s the poster? REALLY??? That clothes catalogue looking thing?


Is this a joke? That doesn’t even qualify as a semi-poster.


The poster does indeed suck, however, I’m looking forward to seeing it. There are very few historical dramas for blacks on film, and even though I don’t like Terrance Howard’s acting, I’m going to support JHud.


The poster looks like two actors on a photo shoot, not Winnie and Nelson. They couldn’t come up with a better poster than that!
She was an activist. Her husband was in jail for over two decades. And Winnie had no input in the film. Shameful.



Not feeing any movie that did not have input from Ms. Mandella


Even the poster sucks.

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