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Peter Sollett, Anne Hathaway Teaming For Romantic Comedy

Peter Sollett, Anne Hathaway Teaming For Romantic Comedy

Could Be The Project ‘Cover Your Assets’

Peter Sollett is in talks to direct an untitled romantic comedy at Lionsgate with Anne Hathaway in the starring role. In the very vague logline, which sounds a little like it has a typo, Hathaway would play “a career woman looking to break her streak of losing romantic relationships to her job.” This truly, honestly does not sound like any romantic comedy we’ve ever heard before! Anne Hathaway, breaking the mold! We’re a little disappointed Hathaway would go in this direction, especially after “The Dark Knight Rises,” where she’ll probably be playing the fourth or fifth lead in a Boy’s Club Adventure Movie. It could be the similar sounding project “Cover Your Assets” which is about a high-powered female lawyer used to intimidating the opposite sex, who pretends to be an assistant in order to attract a man.

The untitled script is from Kay Cannon, a veteran of “30 Rock” who also sold the script “Pitch Perfect” to Universal with Anna Kendrick in the starring role, a movie that already sounds more exciting than this. The bulletproof Hathaway, who walked away from the disaster that was “One Day” the way Ice Cube walked away from that one fireball in “XxX: State Of The Union,” has not yet taken the role, though it’s expected once someone from Lionsgate bakes her some flan, she’ll sign on the dotted line.

This pretty much ends the relationship between Sollett and Marvel, at least for now, as he was originally tabbed to direct “The Runaways” for the renegade studio. However, writer Drew Pearce recently claimed the project was at a standstill, and that none of the involved parties really knew when it could get moving again.

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I have no problem with Anne doing another romantic comedy.She is charming and very likable.I hope the script for this is good.

(I’m sorry,it’s not point of this article and I’m afraid I sound like Twilight,but I think “One Day” is going to be succesful.I know unfortunately it was not reviewed well and not hit in US (the book is really not easy book to adapt anyway),but in UK it is doing well at box-office and reviews aren’t that bad as far as I know.And it seems like oversea box-office will be at least over $50mil.Focus had already recouped budget($15mil.) back from foreign sales.So my point is …as sort of Brit indie,it’s doing well and it won’t hurt Anne’s star.And I think/hope it brings Jim Sturgess BAFTA’s Rising Star Award.Sorry for the long post and for my English)

Hayley Dawes

I hope she only does good projects from now on and doesn’t guest star on Glee like she said she wanted to.


The plot for this sounds like complete drivel. And nice and sexist for an aditional bonus! Depressingly, it will probably do well at the box office.


If only she had bloggers like you managing her career instead of those pesky agents! Then she could really be a star!

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