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Richard Ayoade Lands Role Over Chris Tucker In Comedy “Neighborhood Watch”

Richard Ayoade Lands Role Over Chris Tucker In Comedy "Neighborhood Watch"

Well… maybe Chris Tucker will have to put off that big screen comeback a little longer…

Recall Tucker was “in talks” to co-star alongside Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill in a comedy titled Neighborhood Watch, which centers on “a group of suburban neighbors whose Neighborhood Watch is really a front for them to escape their families — until they discover a plot to destroy the world.

Chris Tucker was being courted for the role of “Jamarcus,” a recent divorcee.

However, Variety reported a little earlier today that British actor/director Richard Ayoade has instead landed the role of Jamarcus.

Hah! I laugh because, given recent debates about black British actors versus black American actors, and available work here in the states, specifically in Hollywood, I can already anticipate some of the comments that will follow this post :)

As already noted, Ayoade is also a director in his own right – a critically acclaimed director at that, with his feature film debut, Submarine, released earlier in the summer by The Weinstein Company; and he’s currently working on an adaptation of Fyodor Dostoevsky‘s novella The Double, with The Social Network’s Jesse Eisenberg attached to star.

By the way, Ben Stiller, who’s starring in Neighborhood Watch, was also the producer of Ayoade’s Submarine; so that connection between the two of them may have been of some influence. Although Variety doesn’t say what happened with Chris Tucker, who’s currently on a nationwide stand-up comedy tour that will run through November. Maybe that was part of the reason… scheduling.


Although he was also “in talks” to join the cast of a drama from David O. Russell titled The Silver Linings Playbook. No word on where that stands.

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@ Mec, note that I said I’ve made it halfway through season 2. LOL I haven’t completed the viewing. It’s definitely a different kind of comedy… It wouldn’t be the same without Richard’s character (the only reason I decided to watch in the first place).


Ayoade’s great, Submarine is pretty close to being my favorite film of the year. I haven’t seen him act yet, but I heard he was a funny dude.


I’ve made it halfway through season 2 of “The IT Crowd” and Richard’s character is by far the most hilarious. I haven’t seen “Submarine” but I can say that I really like dude. #latebus


@ Tamara

You enjoyed the “IT CROWD”? I thought it was aight. The comedy seems very forced in the series I dunno…

Hmm. The Brits are coming full force watch out AA actors! Better hold on tight to your careers and make sure your agents book as many jobs for you.


Ok. That didn’t seem like a British thing vs. American Actor thing..?? This seemed like Ben Stiller- The Producer wanted to make a movie with his now friend, Ayoade whose film he produced…It is what it is.


I find myself agreeing with everything Starfishcoffee said about Ayoade vs, Tucker. Though I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I ADORE Ayoade.

And I confess I’ve met him too after a screening of Submarine and he was very charming, witty and an interesting guy as well.


Wait….an update from Variety claims that the role in “The Silver Linings Playbook” has just been officially offered to Lenny Henry.


I kid, I kid!!

Yeah, a certain poster is going to be livid over this one. But I could guess what Chris Tucker would have brought to the part. I’m intrigued more though what Ayoade will bring to the role. Of course the role may be worthless which means it doesn’t…, who am I trying to fool? I won’t be seeing it anyway.


I give up. Let the Brits have Hollywood and see how far it’ll go. Most of them had American actors as their precursors as an example for their study anyway, so all they are doing is rehashing a viewpoint rather than a true experience in regards to what the black experience is in America anyway. Most of them bring caricatures of created caricatures. That’s why when we watch a film or television show starring a boatload of Europeans playing middle American or hood characters the accents start slipping and things DON’T ring true. We leave the theater wondering “what was missing?” or why a scene was way off. What does it matter anyway? Hollywood is about remakes and reboots now so most of them should fit right on in and the films are failing because they are trying to push too many of them on us too fast! “Thor” and “Warrior” are perfect examples. Me, I’m gonna bring the heat and make people feel reality!!!


I ADORE Richard Ayoade. He’s hilarious and brilliant and adorable.
Chris Tucker is NONE of those things. *In my opinion.*
Ayoade was also nice to me when I met him at the screening of the film he directed, Submarine.

I dunno…I suspect that there might be good reasons why Tucker’s not getting cast in more projects. Like lack of range, a potentially irritating high-pitched voice, etc. I’m not looking to debate whether Tucker is talented or not, I make no secret of the fact that I’m not a fan, but I’m not sure that this is a case of a British actor getting a part just because they are British.


Hollywood has always been about “the next big thing”. Chris Tucker took a break, and now his star power has diminished.

And I believe he also pledged to clean up his previously profane repertoire. That could also be what’s working against him now.

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