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Rooney Mara Wanted For Spike Lee’s “Oldboy”

Rooney Mara Wanted For Spike Lee's "Oldboy"

Courtesy of our friends at Twitch:

With Josh Brolin now confirmed for the lead of Spike Lee’s remake of Oldboy and the vultures circling Christian Bale for the villain role the question of the moment is who will play [the character played by Kang Hye-jeong in Park Chan-wook’s 2003 film]? And sources are telling Twitch that the actress being targeted to play the character – renamed Marie in this version of the story – is Rooney Mara.

Well… expectations are high on her portrayal of Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher’s upcoming The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. As Twitch notes, the character she’d play in this exudes a simultaneous vulnerability and valiance.

To be honest, I’m really not all that familiar with her work. She was in The Social Network, but, aside from that lengthy opening sequence involving her character and Jesse Eisenberg’s, I barely remember her in that film. Then again, it wasn’t about her. And I haven’t seen any films she acted in prior to that; though she’s been in a few, starting in 2005.

Your thoughts?

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“that was not a compliment” ~MIcah

Again… stay up with me… DUH, tell me something I don’t know. Didn’t you hear me say do not give Dr Jeckle that love potion #9? This is about sh*t like “complicity”, a link in the chain and intervention. :-)

Cuz, the power of love is a curious thing, make one man weep, make another man sing. Change a hawk to a little white dove. More than a feeling… that’s the power of love. Don’t take fame. Don’t need no credit card to ride this train.

Huey Lewis said it, “THAT’S THE POWER OF LOVE!”
And I need a new kind of drug.


If the one of the editors did say that when you have conversations like this you’re in you element and this conversation is all mudslinging and showing your ass, that was not a compliment.

If you are always the one in or dragging conversations down to that level, maybe it’s time for self-reflection. Sometimes it really isn’t everyone else.

Food for thought. Chew before you swallow.


@ Micah, dude… listen, what I’m trying to tell you is I can write this silly mud-sling-brat-attack all day long. AND, get enjoyment out of it! But look, reference the excerpt from that e-mail I received, it was actually from a staff member of S&A. They were suggesting that I not engage in the type of “debate” that you and I presently find ourselves.

Now, I’m trying my best to adhere to their wishes but I have to let you know that I feel you, see you and hear you when you poke with a “Sidewinder’s” brush. I mean, like in many sports, depending on the “position” of the referee/judge, he or she may only see the retaliatory punch, but…. all closed eyes are not asleep.

Again, mud-slinging, insults, wire-taps :-), playing the dozen, showing my ass, writing jokes and testing human emotions is right in my strike zone, so if you’re going to object to something I write, just come straight forward. Please… snide ain’t cool. It’s a ******* move.

Until then…


“We can all see who lost the point of the debate”- Micah

Duh! That was exactly the point. But C’MON man, “Chester the Molester” jokes?

You’ve been back in yo daddies Hustler magazines or you’ve run out of fart jokes… which is it? Geeez… you gotta thang goin’ on and I can’t help you.


@ BondGirl: I’d like to co-sign on that statement. I’m eagerly awaiting the triumphant return of Spike. It seemed people were writing him off for a little bit.

David Fincher is one of my favorite big hollywood directors and the trailers to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo look amazing. If Spike and Fincher are confident in Rooney that’s a good sign. As I’ve said before she’s done good work so far.

@ Herbert the Pervert: You have a row of comments about a young guy. You excitedly talk about a young guy in your “groove zone”. I think your true colors are starting to show. We can all see who lost the point of the debate. This is a movie blog there are other one for your obsessions.

By the way just because it’s over your head doesn’t make it pretentious. You may return to remedial classes now. Come back when you can take what you try to dish out.

Peace my senile brother.


@ Micah, relax, settle down nipper… you’re barking up the wrong tree. Didn’t anyone tell you, ol’wise one, that the written word is a big fat liar? Well, think on that for a loooooong second (who’s behind those Foster Grants) and then, look in the mirror so you can “be what you is and not what you is not! Folks that is what they is, is the happiest lot!”

You may be able to fool some of the people some of the time, but…

But shouldn’t you be stroking your ego (and false self image) by writing a pretentious, yet impressive collegial manifesto, instead of jacking with me? And you know you’re going to get me in trouble, right? Well, you’re standing right smack in the middle of my groove zone… if u know what I mean.

If you don’t know, let me replay what one of the S & A writers said to me in an e-mail: “CareyCarey…. and then they want to retaliate, which just blows wind into your sails and before long you’re in your element and the actual point of the “debate” is lost on many who’ve read the post in question”

So Mr. Micah, I’m begging you, don’t give Dr. Jeckle that love potion # 9. *Big Smile*

Until then….


Oh lord, the little kid Tudor Turtle is back. Why oh why are you all up in grown folks business? Shouldn’t you be off telling fart jokes?

Seriously, why do you keep nipping at my heels like a teenie weenie pink french poodle? Shouldn’t you be preparing to hazing one of your frat brothers or sending off for fake IDs?


I love the trailer for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I’m looking forward to seeing her performance. She looks like a good actress, with her star rising.

Most folks are expecting Spike to fail with Oldboy, so I really hope he pulls it off.

Bump all that…my question is: Are there going to be any black roles? Knowing how Spike is, at least the crew will be predominately black and get their union cards:)


Based on the few roles I’ve seen her, I’m sure she’ll be fine in this role. I’m interested to see if she can pull off the Lisbeth Salander role. It’s much larger and pulling off that role well is much more integral to the whole film working.

I hope Spike knocks it out of the park on this one. I need him to make a movie that makes a splash for all the right reasons.

On a side note, considering the type of comments some leave I’m not sure they can complain about anything being over the top. :P


Lol, exactly.

“Yeah, I bought it in a bootleg ten dollar stack, along with Contagion, Laugh At My Pain and 50 cent’s Things Fall Apart.”

Let me know if those are worth watching.


“Yeah, I hated “Colombiana”, I thought action movies were supposed to be fun”

Yeah, tell me about it, Neziah. And although it’s only entertainment, isn’t the action suppose to be somewhat believable? Come on, they had Zoe doing the most fantasmystical-super duper-balistical acts that Super Man and Houdini would die for. And lets talk about that “romance” Zoe had with the dude that didn’t even know her name. WTH was that about? They were deeply in love and they knew each other… how long… 4 days?!

And if one more movie has the protagonist escape from prison through nice clean air vents as big as the Brooklyn tunnel, I’m going to standup in the middle of the theater and yell “FIRE!”. I mean, that really burns my ass.

In short, Colombiana was extremely campy and corny and a waste of my $2.50. Yeah, I bought it in a bootleg ten dollar stack, along with Contagion, Laugh At My Pain and 50 cent’s Things Fall Apart. *Smile*


And Neziah, I’m watching Columbiana (right now) and it sucks too. *LOL*

**just thought I’d throw that in there**


@ CareyCarey

Cool, hope you enjoy them.

Lol. Yeah, I hated “Colombiana”, I thought action movies were supposed to be fun.


Okay Neziah, first, I have to admit that I didn’t know what “manga” meant. Now I have to ask, is the target audience of the remake suppose to know the Japanese history of “Manga” and oldboy? Then again, maybe it’s just the black hick in me? Er’body knows about manga, right?

But I do see your point. If someone said a movie was based on Superman, over-the-topness should be exppected. Okay, I can get with that.

But still, the movie wasn’t all that (imo).

But I’m going to do my own research. I’m going to hit a friend of mine and ask them if they have any manga books, or knows where I can find a few. :-)


@ CareyCarey

Well, to be fair, the film was based on a manga, so that over the topness was warranted in this case.


“didn’t this just give the “twist” away by announcing that the rooney mara character turns out to be his ‘daughter’??? genius”

I don’t think he really gave away anything. Those who have been commenting on this film and/or who are excited about this re-make, have seen the film. Besides, based on Tambay’s small “Synopsis” who other than someone who has seen the film would know WTH he was referring to? So who really dropped the ball?

But look, I must be in the minority. I mean, I wasn’t particularly thrilled by the first Oldboy. I thought it was slow and plodding and somewhat unnecessarily over the top. Maybe it was the language thing, or the lead character eating raw octopus and acting like a damn fool, but a remake of oldboy does not have me salivating . I can’t be alone on this…. could I?

But hey, in reference to Rooney Mara inclusion, I believe blaqbird’s comment makes sense b/c I don’t care who plays the part of “Marie” it’s not going to make or break the film (imo). It will – maybe- however catapult the actress to a higher exposure. And if all that be true, Spike is a New York sports junkie, so hey… all will be good with Spike and Rooney’s rich kinfolk.

Come on now, y’all know how this goes… it’s not about talent, it’s all about who you know and who you…


I love Rooney Mara especially in the opening sequence of the The Social Network. It mesmerized how her and Jesse were trading dialogue back and forth.


Ok guys – I altered Twitch’s words as you can see with the brackets within the quote.


@ Juan

Yep, I feel sorry for those who read this before watching the original film.


lol @ Juan. Yep they sure did give it away…yikes! Well…you may not be too familiar w/Mara’s work because she really hasn’t done too much. She’s from a rich family (her family owns the NY Giants and her great grandfather founded the Pittsburgh Steelers). So I’m guessing that’s how she was able to start and rise so quickly….


I am really looking forward to this.

I feel confident that Spike will handle this well. He is not perfect but I trust he knows that fan wise, creative wise and career wise, he has to do this right.


didn’t this just give the “twist” away by announcing that… [Edit]

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