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Ryan Seacrest In Talks To Buy VH1 Soul…

Ryan Seacrest In Talks To Buy VH1 Soul...

Ryan Seacrest is reportedly is in talks to acquire VH1 Soul (a spinoff of VH1 aimed at soul and R&B fans, and owned by Viacom). THR says the deal is far from done, but talks are in “an advanced stage.”

About a year ago, it was announced that Seacrest planned to follow in Oprah’s footsteps and launch a network of his own, though it doesn’t look like the acquisition of VH1 Soul (if it happens) is in any way part of that plan.

The multi-millionaire is simply adding to his already rich empire of properties apparently.

All thanks to the success of American Idol which got the whole thing started.

Not sure what a Ryan Seacrest ownership of VH1 soul will look like. I don’t have cable, so I don’t watch the channel. I gather it’s primarily a music-centered.

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Just Visiting

Ryan Seacrest must have way more money than I imagined.

VH1 Soul is the only station I know of that consistently features music appealing to the 30 and older black audience. It would be a shame if it went away.


@KDLDY…Who do you think owns it now? Viacom *shrug* Truthfully, really doesn’t make that much difference. I think Miles hit the nail on the head…He’s going to offer some outlandish reality show to rival the current crop of crap.


Are you serious, you how can any of you foolishly praise this racist B#@s&!$. Even Dick Clark, eventually proved his was a racist later in life. People can’t you see that fake people like this, come like “Wolves In Sheep Clothing” pretending to like us, then later on they always show their true colors.

I recently saw him disrespect Kanye West whom performed with Katy Perry on an American Idol episode earlier this year, as he spitefully refused to mention that he was on the stage with her too? Plus he’s the one whom refuses to let it go re: Kanye disrespecting that Taylor Swift girl, when he’s apologized to her a thousand times.

Then prior to this, I heard that he his restaurant denied service to Chad Ochochinco and his friends for his Birthday dinner, which sounds like racism to me. Plus he has often made racist comments on his radio shows, then now he wants to buy VH1-Soul? Just for the “All Mighty Dollar”, not because he really cares about any soul music.

What I’m getting at is that, he’s a “Good Old Boy” from Georgia, who’s probably kin to some KKK relatives. Whom did he lie in bed with, to get the power he has today? As he was a relative nobody, until American Idol. Now he seems to own the media world?

Also I cannot understand why other Black persons in power, such as i.e., Janet Jackson, Beyonce’ and others refuse to purchase or buy shows, which should rightfully remain in our hands. Remember BET, which is now owed by Viacom, what else are we going to let others control and run into the ground.


He might be worth even more than that. He’s setting himself up to be a media mogul.

Miles Ellison

So how long will it take before there’s a reality show with a bunch of weave-snatching black women screaming at each other?


Oh hell no, I watch this station every day. It’s the only network to show r & b artists(old and new) all day everyday.


Exactly what I was thinking Miles.


@Just Visiting

Seacrest’s net worth is estimated at $125M. Along with hosting American Idol ($15M a year), he’s executive producer of those Kardashian shows on E! and red carpet events like the Oscar Pre-show. He also has his own syndicated radio show. Somewhere, Brian Dunkleman is weeping softly…

Johnnie MD

Yes, it is all music videos. I watch regularly because I live in Tucson, AZ where there is a lack of R&B and Soul music. If he does purchase it, I hope it finds a way to build it’s viewership without turning it into another supposed “music video channel” that rarely plays music videos.


He will purchase vh1-souls a struggling channel and re-brand it into something he hopes will have a more public interest. This is a common practice because getting a new network on cable rosters is not an easy task.


VH1Soul must only be worth 2 nickels in order for Seacrest to be able to purchase it. Haven’t watched it in ages though.


Haven’t watched that channel for years but of all the channels out there why VH1 soul? Is it doing that poorly that he can buy it outright?


@ Dee LMBAO!!!

jessie's girl

my soul just died a little


I think Darth Vader put it best.


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