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Seven Advertisers Drop Out Of “The Playboy Club” – The Beginning Of The End?

Seven Advertisers Drop Out Of "The Playboy Club" - The Beginning Of The End?

Uh-oh… from The Hollywood Reporter:

Seven Advertisers Drop Out of ‘The Playboy Club’ After PTC Calls for Boycott… Citing the show’s dismal ratings, the group’s [The Parents Television Council’s] president says, “‘The Playboy Club’ is a commercial disaster and must be removed from the airwaves.”

The rest HERE. But it’s been on the air now for… 2 weeks, right? Is it only a matter of time before the proverbial balcony closes? According to THR, ratings dropped 19% in its second week.

Who’s been watching? Maybe now is a good time for an open thread on the show, and maybe specifically Naturi Naughton’s involvement… I know some weren’t too happy with how Bunny Brenda is written.

And I don’t want this to become some bash-fest. I’m looking for informed reactions and analyses of the show and its characters.

Dig in.

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I love this show… and as in an earlier comment I read, I agree that people need to give shows a chance. Just like the show The Game. No one gave this show a chance either when it was on The CW. Once it was canceled, everyone started watching the reruns, and BET picked it up because everyone started to really appreciate it and they finally gave it the chance it deserved… and it is now back on the air. So I hope this show gets a chance and stays on, but just like The Event that NBC also canceled… I’m sure this show will soon be cancelled and I’m sad to have to see it go!


What disappoints me more than anything is the fact that people do not give these shows a chance – even before they start airing. Our expectations are too high now a days. I’d hate to think about the life of shows like “Friends”, “Growing Pains”, “Seinfeld”, “Full House”, “ER”, etc if they would’ve premiered in present day. Have some optimism – I think the Playboy Club has potential.


The show is laughingly horrid.
I can’t even bring myself to bother analyzing it, it’s so bad. Saw pilot at a screening at the Paley Center in NYC. Half the audience walked out 10 minutes in.
Wouldn’t be surprised if it stays on, worse shows have survived.


Initially, I thought it would be interesting to watch. And also a + was when I saw Naturi on the previews……theeeen, she opened her mouth and that funky, country, PO’ accent (dialect) spewed out…..immediately I had made a decision to NOT tune in. Hearing that completely threw me off and turned me off from wanting to watch it.
Never watched an episode and am not planning on it.
I say it should get the boot. Bad for Ms. Naturi but as great of an actress she is, she’ll get another role — one that showcases her true talent!


I thought that the show has potential and i was entertained. What else do you expect from Primetime? I’m willing to give it room to grow. I do recognize that it’s trying to grab some of the Mad Men retro hype, and I also enjoy that show immensely.


Saw both episodes and nope, not good. Naturi has the least amount of screen time of all the bunnies. She also has such cliched storylines. She is saving money for her broke family. In the previews they showed her religious parents shunning her lifestyles. It comes on a timeslot where there’s nothing else on so I’ll keep trying until it gets cancelled.

I only saw the one episode of Mad Men, the one with Naturi. I’m just not a fan of romanticizing “the Good Old Days” especially when African-Americans are pushed to the side and had the most interesting stories during that time.

James Madison

I saw the first episode and missed the second.

I once said that it would be best for cable but if written well, it does not matter the venue nor the time period.

I think Naturi is the stand out although there was not a lot of screen time in the episode I watched.

I have to disagree with the content being inappropriate. In a TV landscape (cable and non cable) that is full of “reality” shows and other programming with coarse language and dubious content, I think the “sexuality” is tame in regards.

Also it is nice to see visual styling that is different from the contemporary.

Miles Ellison

I wonder how many people NBC thought would watch this show. Basically, it’s a Wal-Mart version of Mad Men set in the world of Playboy instead of advertising.

At its most popular, Mad Men had an audience of about 2.5 million people. According to the article, 5 million people watched the Playboy Club premiere and 3.8 million watched the next episode. Given the context, isn’t this better than they should expect to do ratings-wise? That’s more people than watch Mad Men.


There goes people trying to dictate to stations what shows they should air :D

Watched a little bit for Naturi’s sake but it’s Playboy Bunnies and it’s set in the 50s/60s. I can only regress so much. I couldn’t stand 10 minutes of Mad Men so I definitely won’t be watching Pan Am or any other nostalgic network tv show.

George P.

I’ve seen both episodes and have found the show to be very entertaining. Naturi Naughton’s character, while (possibly) reflecting the goals/attitudes of an African-American woman at the time, does prove to be a portrayed in a positive light, and it is nice to see her get some measurable screentime. Her performance (as well as Amber Heard’s) have been the most memorable so far.

I hope the show manages to find an audience, and if not, for NBC to at least let it ride out the season.


Watched both. I believe the only home for a show like this would be HBO or SHOWTIME, its got potential but just holding back way too much.

Jeff O

No idea why they put this show on Network TV. I feel they should’ve went the cable route kinda feels like the story has been watered down to death considering what it could be


Having seen both episodes, the big question is why? What is this show trying to say. Why a show set in the 60s at the Playboy Club? The show isn’t about feminism. It isn’t really provocative, though it does portray a couple that is bearding each other.

Naturi’s character is interesting. She is actually the only character from what I can recall that has goals and dreams even if they are couched in racial terms.

The show just does not excite


I watched both episodes and I liked it a lot. What’s the problem, specifically?


While I love Naturi Naughton, it looks like the network is looking for it’s “Mad Men” with this show, I don’t think the time period will hold, attract today’s “young” audience.


The show didn’t hold my interest. I wish it did. I support any show with a Black lead. Brenda needs to be fleshed out more but it doesn’t look like that will happen.

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