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‘Source Code’ To Become A Weekly Sci-Fi Procedural TV Show

'Source Code' To Become A Weekly Sci-Fi Procedural TV Show

While TV shows becoming movies is nothing new, movies becoming TV shows seems to happen less often — until now apparently. The big to small screen conversion seems to be taking off in 2011, with new shows on the way or in production based on “The Transporter,” “The Lincoln Lawyer” and “Anger Management,” and yet another big screen outing is getting a small screen take, using material that’s something different from your usual network fare.

THR reveals that CBS has picked up the rights from ABC to develop Duncan Jones‘ “Source Code” into a TV series. As you might remember, Jake Gyllenhaal starred in the movie which hit theaters this past spring and centered on a soldier who uses military technology to put himself in the body of an unknown commuter living and reliving a harrowing train bombing until he can find who is responsible for the attack. So yeah, it’s a bit of “Groundhog Day” meets sci-fi but audiences seemed to love the premise and movie, buying up tickets to the tune of more than $120 million worldwide. Not bad for a high concept movie in a genre that is typically a very hard sell.

In the small screen version, the premise will be tweaked slightly, and will follow “three former federal agents who are part of a top-secret program [and] they’ll use Source Code technology to jump into the consciousness of people involved in tragic events.” You know, that’s actually not a bad concept for a television show and lord knows, some good sci-fi would be a refreshing addition to the TV lineup, so we’re willing to give this one a fair shot. That said Mark Gordon (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Criminal Minds“) is producing with Steve Maeda (“Lie to Me,” “Lost“) writing — certainly between the two they have ambitious ensemble experience down pat, but the track records are dodgy. No word if Jones or screenwriter Ben Ripley will be involved (we doubt it). We presume this will be moving with an aim for 2012 fall season release.

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David Knowles

Sound good to me. I am always in favour of more scifi shows. It will be interesting to see who they will get on the cast and what characters they bring over.

I hope Ben Ripley has some involvement, he writes good scifi unlike the other two. I also I hope they keep more with the rules established in the film as well.

An not mentioning Stargate, in a article about films making it to TV screens is a disgrace, Stargate is on of the scifi franchises out there.


And by “dude is dead” I mean that is how the technology works for anybody. Oh, that’s an easy notes fix LOL


My thing is, can ABC A) have a real procedural since everything they make is a glorified soap (yes, LOST became one) & B) dude is dead (see aforementioned network issue).

We shall see…


So since Scott Bakula was the voice of the main character’s dad in the movie, can we just make this a sequel to Quantam Leap and have Bakula be the star again? Cos really, he needs to be back on tv. They killed him off on Chuck way too soon.


So it’s essentially a remake of Quantum Leap?

Joe Cunningham

Just had a quick look at Maeda’s lost eps. They were all character-based, not much of the sci-fi elements in there.

Regardless, I’d give shows based on Source Code and The Lincoln Lawyer a chance. If they’re no good, we’ll all forget they ever existed, and if they’re good, then we all win.


Duncan Jones tweeted just now that he’d only heard of the TV project (on Twitter) a few minutes ago, himself:!/ManMadeMoon/status/114469220372324352

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