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Special Podcast Today…We Want To Hear From YOU!

Special Podcast Today...We Want To Hear From YOU!

Here at S&A, we’re always giving you the 411 on the latest news, trailers and film controversies but we decided to turn the tables around for a special podcast Today at 8pm/est. We want to hear from YOU! Yes that’s right…you.

If you’re a screenwriter, actor, actress, producer, director, production assistant, publicist, reviewer, ticket clerk, manager, agent and so on we’d like to hear about your experience in this business so far. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned veteran, please call us at (347) 215-8777 and share your story.

We’d love to get an idea of what you’re encountering on a daily basis. Good, bad or indifferent…this will be a great forum to air your personal highs and lows. And if you’re not in the biz but have some observations you’d like to share, please join the conversation as well.

In addition, we plan to discuss our observations as S&A contributors also. So make sure you tune in HERE and join us in the chat room if you can. As usual, we know you guys will bring it!

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Thanks for the mention. Without going into too much details, my audience varies from project to project. And I think I did say that my immediate plan is to gather a creative team that has the clout to carry the film to the next level, which means HEAVY networking.

That will be addressed/shared as the project finds it’s wings. Look out for a pitch video and teaser image.

Kia Barbee
Elmhurst Entertainment — launching soon!


It’s now around 8:35 PM 1 Sept, and I missed most of the podcast. It’s also kinda hard to stay engaged in the chat room and listen to the podcast at the same time. So, although I heard Kia’s voice, did she address any issues of how she plans on marketing her “product”. You know, who’s her intented audience, and what avenues she’s palnning to pursue in order to get her voice heard?

Also, I heard Jame’s voice, is he in the “business” of entertainment?

I missed so much. And in the chat room, I’m yet to get the scoop on Medicine for Melancholy. I haven’t seen, but I am interested. There was talk on one of the post on how it was poorly marketed, but I hear it’s a good film?

Damn it. If Venessa hadn’t bothered me with that Jada Pinkett post, I would have been on time. And Tambay even talked to me again, so maybe I’ll hold my breathe for the next podcast. :-)

And where was Sergio with his pot stirring-instigating-old school-butt? He could have told us some stories on how his western scripts ended up in file 13.


I’m there and thanks for this special podcast.


Is this a preview for Thursday’s podcast–bringing that fire.


@ Tambay

I am surprised you received just 1 email. Maybe the rest were sent to your junk email. I do have patience by the way I had to ask I wasn’t sure what was going on. What is wrong with asking?

Sorry! If I asked. I was just inquiring about matter. I was very unsure about the procedure of things.


@ Mecca – and just for saying that, I’m inclined to take even longer in getting the gift certificate to you.

I have received exactly 1 email from you – the one you sent this morning. Where you get 3 messages from, I don’t know.

And even if there have been three messages, it’s been all of 24 hours (if that) since your email says you first emailed me.

There’s something called patience. Consider it!


I’m gonna chime in tomorrow!

Oh, this is the wrong post to discuss this matter but I just have to say it. I have not received my prize yet. I sent Tambay 3 messages and still nothing!

I’m beginning to think that maybe there isn’t any prize at all.

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