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Spike Lee Says To Expect “Red Hook Summer” In Summer 2012

Spike Lee Says To Expect "Red Hook Summer" In Summer 2012

Utilizing social networking site Twitter quite often and effectively, Spike Lee has been keeping his followers up-to-date on his current project, the secretive Red Hook Summer. About a month ago, he announced that principal photography was complete, and attached a photo of his elated self.

Today, just minutes ago, he had this to say: Summer 2012… The new @SpikeLee Joint – RED HOOK SUMMER. And with it, he, once again, attached a photo (full pic below).

So… obviously, from his words and the photo, he’s telling us that the film will be out in the summer of 2012.

Shooting started on the 11th of July; so a relatively short filming period of about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks.

Still no official synopsis; all we know is that Spike is reprising his role the role he played in Do The right Thing – aka Mookie – and the story centers on a dude from ATL who spends a summer in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, NY.

At this rate, we could have our first look at the film soon, whether via still images, or even teaser clips.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what Spike has been cooking.

Stay tuned…

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Darla & Mark

he hasn’t, but he is getting ready to make a whole boat load. There are other seasons.


@ Darla & Mark

He hasn’t made a film like this since forever, so I don’t know how you could find it repetitive unless you watch all his classic films daily.

Darla & Mark

How come most of spike movie are always in the summertime and brooklyn? that is repetitive.



Wonder if there’s another “Eddie/Michael/Prince” scene? LOL


Love Spike!

Can’t wait 4 dis 1!


I cant wait to see which DIY route he took?, in this so-call Post Racial Climate.


The NEW “Do The Right Thing”. Can’t wait. :)

Dankwa Brooks

Could Jesus Shuttlesworth be involved? Hmmmm


lol @ Dankwa

City with a cross in it has caught my attention. Hope he brings it again.

Dankwa Brooks

Two Thousand and Twelve the number another summer (get down) Sounds of the funky drummer…

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