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Style Network Renews “Tia & Tamera” For Another Season

Style Network Renews "Tia & Tamera" For Another Season

Today Style Network announced that they are renewing their smash hit reality show Tia & Tamera for another season. The series, starring twin TV stars Tia and Tamera Mowry, which premiered last month (August), has already become, according to the network, “the highest-rated series ever across all key demos” for Style.

The second season, which will start shooting early next year, will focus on Tia’s new role as a working mom and Tamera’s life as a newlywed.

And keep in mind that Tia Morwy also is about to start work on the new season of her other hit cable series The Game for BET.

I’m sure we have readers out there who have seen one or both shows. Am I missing something here? What’s the deal?

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Does anyone know where I can find Tia & Tamera Take 2 to watch it?


I googled if Tia and Tamera would be renewed for a third season and found out nothing.
I watched the last show from season two, tonight and loved it as always.
I love them…..their laughs, their funny gestures, their genuine enthusiasm for life, well,
most everything about them !
I will miss them terribly if they don't come back to STYLE network :(


I absolutely love this show, glad to see them in action. I been a fan of them since their "Sister Sister" days, they are a great inspiration.


I love the show. Congrats to there new journeys in life. Love the show the game. Tia was made to play Dr. Melaine Davis. Waiting on Tamera to play on her own hit drama series.


I love Tia and tamera I would love to meet them!!!!! They seem like very down to earth well rounded women! I grew up watching them along with my younger sister. We have a similar relationship


I love the show. Iam gald to see u two are working back together like when you guys were in sister to sister. I would like to know where is your brother.


Love these ladies, love this show. They have such a positive energy.


@ Kandy

Every single news source announced that Style Network was renewing their show for a second season and that came officially from the network. No mention about this being the third season of the show

So I went back to check up and it turns out. what you’re talking about is Tia and Tamera: Take 2 which was a one-off TV special and not a series. But that show did lead to the Tia & Tamera reality series on Style


They’re actually going into their 3rd season. l saw the first season when Tia & Tamera was in an airplane and Tamera was trying to take a flying lesson while Tia sat in the back screaming. That was their first season, this is their second season and they’ve been approved for their 3rd season. Unless they thought people for got about the first season. LOL


Tia and Tamera are not just of African American descent and I don’t know why people ignore they are also part white. Tia and Tamera’s father is white so the sisters are not just African Americans they are biracial women. I don’t understand why people are trying to dilute the sisters white heritage?


Who here is diluting their heritage? And since when did being African American negate the existence of other races? Maybe they helped do that to themselves considering they were on a show where both parents were portrayed as black.

Anyway, I knew of the show but didn’t watch because I don’t like reality shows unless a white british man yells and insults people during a competition- okay just Gordon Ramsey.


I did not know that this existed. Or maybe I read about it and forgot. I don’t have cable, so I guess it would slip away.


Agreed. This is well-rounded show. Kinda makes me wonder why Style picked it up and not BET or TV One. It’s really refreshing to see 2 nice, successful 30-something ladies in love, in stable relationships, along with love and respct for each other. Good job ladies.


I’m a guy and I grew up watching them too. “Sister Sister” was a staple of my childhood, so I might go ahead and see this eventually.


The deal is that it’s a great show. Congrats to Tia and Tamera.

Guys may not get it, but for women who grew up with them, it’s great to see two sisters of color who have survived growing up in Hollywood, and who don’t play into negative reality TV stereotypes of women of African descent. They’re positive, and have shared so much of themselves on the show–from pregnancy difficulties to family issues and wedding drama. I honestly got choked up watching one ep.–and I NEVER do that!

Basically, educated African-American women are starving for realistic depictions of themselves on TV. This show is a welcome departure from the coonery and athletes’ ghetto babymamas we commonly see on cable…hopefully other networks will take notice.


Hm, I never even knew this existed.

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