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Taylor Lautner: What Happens If Abduction Fails?

Taylor Lautner: What Happens If Abduction Fails?

Thompson on Hollywood

Taylor Lautner, the Twilight teen idol, has been poised for movie stardom. But what if his first solo attempt, the upcoming action film Abduction, fails? Lautner’s agents at William Morris have posed the ripped 19-year old at a big star, lining up multi-million dollar roles (he will receive $5 million for Abduction), but what if he can’t move past Twilight? (Neither Kristen Stewart nor Rob Pattinson has scored in a big way on their own outside the Twilight franchise.)

New York’s Claude Brodesser-Akner looks at the possible fadeout of a teen idol:

William Morris has done a brilliant job of convincing Hollywood that he’s the next big movie star,” says a senior production executive at a major studio, who asked not to be named because he regularly does business with Lautner’s agents and agency…

Another studio exec explains, “I remember when [Universal co-chairman] Donna Langley cast him in Stretch Armstrong, she said to me, ‘He’s the real deal!’ And I thought, Based on what?! Based on Twilight?” So what happens to his optimistic career if Abduction gets a harsh reality check at the box office? Current audience polling data shared with Vulture by studio sources suggests Abduction’s appeal looks to be very limited — not just by Lautner’s own narrow fan base of tween and young teen girls, but by intense competition this weekend. Only slightly less than three fourths (72 percent) of total people surveyed were aware of Abduction, and only a third or so of those (33 percent) expressed “definite interest” in seeing it.

Read the complete analysis at New York Magazine.

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He is the worst out of the three of them. Update: FAILURE!. 11.2 million at box office. They were expecting at least 15 mllion. Now deduct that 5 million they paid him. Everyone associated with this mess got exactly what they deserve this weekend. 3% over on RT and 58% liked it. For once the bad reviews did what they were suppose to do. Keep people from spending their hard earn money on trash like this. I am a Twilight fan i love the books and the movies are so-so, but even a Twilight fan know he is a horrible actor. The fanbase are only interested in him if he is running around without a shirt and since he was not doing much of that in this movie the fans stayed home. Somebody at that studio needs to be fired for this. OMG Universal has already cast him as Stretch Armstrong? They must be freaking out right now. You think the reviews and box office where bad for this movie. Hahahahahahaha


Hmm, I was really interested in seeing Abduction. I still might see it, because I don’t feel like I can rely on critics nowadays. But this result is disappointing.
Hey, I just checked the numbers you are providing for Water for Elephants. You fooled us, it is actually 58 Million $ in America and 58 Million $ in other countries which is an ok result and simular to other movies of that kind.


Water for Elephants based on the acclaimed novel only made $53 in America and $53 in the other countries. Book fans agreed that Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon were the wrong people to portray the beloved characters. Kristen Stewart’s movies make about as much money as I can find in my couch. They all should do us all a favor and quit acting. Taylor Lautner isn’t any worse than those two. None of the them have a future in the business so enjoy Twilight.


Saying taylor lautner is the “real deal” is like saying the Pope is dating Madonna…it’s just wrong on so many levels.


Rob hasn’t scored in a big way? Water for Elephants made more than $117 million worldwide…you consider that a bad total?! geez

Rob and Kristen have several movies coming out soon that will further their careers. Taylor has one small problem…he can’t ACT! He sounds like he’s reading his lines and he’s so wooden he could be mistaken for a tree! Just watching the trailer makes me cringe…wont see it and neither will any of my twi friends.


Wanna bet it’s a hit? All the Twilight movies made more money than The Social Network. There’s a disconnect in what you people like and what sells.

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